15 Books for Kids About Space!

It’s the last frontier, but even more than that it’s one of the best ways to introduce science to young children. These space books for kids aren’t just packed with facts, but offer unique experiences children will treasure for years to come.

15 Awesome Books for Kids About Space - Interactive, internet linked, and even a night's sky scavenger hunt!

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Space books aren’t just for kids! Adults love these books to. If you’re looking for some amazing books about space, we’ve got you covered in our Usborne Store.

15 Books For Kids About Space!

Many of these books are internet linked so you can do even more research beyond the book.

Space Books for Preschoolers

1. The Big Book of Stars & Planets
Space is filled with enormous things! This book gives children a glimpse of some of the biggest, our sun, massive stars, galaxies, and more! You’ll also get to see children’s eyes grow wide with the huge fold out pages in this book.

big book of stars

2. On the Moon

This book offers a simple introduction to what it’s like to travel to the moon and walk on the surface. Even children as young a 2-years-old will enjoy this beautifully illustrated book.

moon book for kids

3. Look Inside Space

Why do the stars shine? How do we know  so much about planets that are so far away? This is the book you want about space for your kids 3-years and up. With over 60 different flaps, it is one of those books that your children will go back to time and time again.

look inside space book

4. First Sticker Book of Space

Help children develop fine motor skills, reasoning, and creative thinking with this awesome sticker book. It is filled with simple facts so after children are done with the stickers, they’ll want to read it again and again!

first space sticker book

5. See Inside Our World

The earth is the most important planet in our universe. Introduce children to geology and geography with this lift-the-flap book, all while showing them our place in the universe.

Intro to Geology books for kids

6. Build Your Own Space Ships

Nothing like creating your own invention motivates you to discover more about it. With this Sticker book, children ge to piece together real spaceships and ones that they’ve imagined in their dreams!

build your own space ships sticker book for kids

Space Books for School-age Kids

More advanced with more details, School-aged  children and adults alike enjoy reading these books.

7. Living in Space

What do astronauts do and where do they live when they travel  to space? This accelerated reader  contains more specific information on the conditions of space for curious children and future astronauts.

living in space book for kids

8. The Solar System

The planets, sun, and moons all work together in our solar system to help make it possible for life on Earth. Find out how in this accelerated reader with vivid pictures and diagrams.

solar system book for kids

9. Astronomy Beginner

A great introduction on how astronomers study space, this accelerated reader gives some technical details on how telescopes work, what rovers are, and more.

astronomy book for kids

10. See Inside the Universe

Lift and look at hundreds of amazing discoveries astronomers have found about our universe.

universe book for kids

11. 100 Things to Spot in the Night Sky

Learn to recognize planets and  constellations in the night’s sky with these night sky  scavenger hunt cards.

100 things to spot in the sky at night

12. Sun, Stars, and Moon

How do these things work together to help our planet? Children will learn that and more in this accelerated reader.

sun moon and stars

13. See Inside Weather and Climate

Space effects us on earth through the weather and climate. Show children how the sun, moon, and earth’s orbit help to give us seasons and more!

weather and climate book for kids

14. Astronomy and Space Sticker Book

Help children retain what they learn through hands-on matching and trivia with this sticker book all about Space and the study of the universe.

astronomy and space sticker book

15. Book of Astronomy and Space

This is a complete reference book with beautiful illustrations and specific information and equipment on being a home astronomer. It is internet linked for more resources and interactive websites. The ultimate guide for children who are fascinated by all things space.

book of astronomy

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