talk like a pirate day Who don’t heartly enjoy shoutin’ like a scurvy pirate from time to time? Well speak like a pirate all ye want on SeptembARrrrr 19th because that be Talk Like A Pirate Day! Ye wee lads be goin’ to have a ruckas good time!
She Is Dallas Info:   The International Talk Like A Pirate Day is always on September 19th.   For more information, please visit the Talk Like A Pirate Day website.   You can also follow International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Facebook.
The Talk Like A Pirate website be overflowin’ wit’ jolly pirate-themed stuff. But here be a compiled list ‘o some great scurvy pirate thin’s fer the wee little lads to have fun with: Since we be all scurvy pirate fans here, I’ll gift ye a wee heads up that Pirate Days are comin’ to The Colony on October 15th and 16th!   Arrr, be there or walk the plank!

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  1. This is a big list of pirate activities for sure. Thank you for compiling it all! If you need an easy Pirate game to print for a crowd Growing Play has a Pirate Number Game that is fun!