Kids love a good drawing game. And we love for kids to draw because it develops their hand muscles which helps as they are learning to write!

This creative game uses simple drawing prompts to spark imaginations. Kids Activities Blog loves family games and this is one of our favorites.

Fun family drawing game with simple drawing prompts

Drawing Game

We love to play this fun and simple creative drawing game on rainy days when we are stuck indoors. It is also a great way to keep everyone entertained before dinner and I’ve been known to use it more than once for those “I’m bored, Mom!” moments as well. This game is quick and simple to set up, there are no rules, and it always proves to be a hit with kids and adults alike. Don’t think you can draw? No problem! Anything goes in this game – it’s all about having fun and spending time together, not producing a gallery worthy masterpiece.

Drawing prompts make a fun family drawing game that kids love!

Drawing Prompts

Begin by drawing a few scribbles on some blank paper. Draw the same scribbles on a separate sheet of paper for each person playing the game. Sometimes I will draw a wavy line or two or perhaps a zig zagging line. Other times I might add a simple shape. This time, I drew a simple triangle on a sheet of paper for my son and husband. Hand a sheet of paper to each player and let the game begin! The object of the game is for each player to produce a drawing based on the scribbles or shapes that appear on their paper.

Kids love this family drawing game with drawing prompts

Family Games

I love to watch everyone concentrating as they create their drawings. My son immediately got to work drawing a house, using the triangle I had drawn as the roof. My husband rotated his page and the triangle I had drawn became the sail in a sailing boat.

Family games: Drawing game with simple drawing prompts

Here’s the house that my son drew, with my triangle as the roof.

Fun drawing game for the family. Kids love drawing prompts!

Another interpretation of the same drawing prompt – this time my husband used the triangle as the sail on a sailing boat. It is always so much fun to see how differently everyone interprets the same drawing prompt.

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This drawing game looks like a fun family activity that needs little prep and could be done just about anywhere.  Have you ever used drawing prompts with your child?  For more kids activities with drawing, you might be interested in some of these fun ideas:

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