Pregnancy is weird. You hate the things you used to love, and love the things you used to hate. You get crazy morning sickness (just rename it to 24/7 sickness, already!). But most of all, you get to brew a little human that will change your life forever… If you can make it through those nine months. pregnancy-necessities-1

Pregnancy Necessities

If I’ve learned anything after four pregnancies, it’s that every baby is a new adventure! If one thing doesn’t help, try something else until you find one that does, even if it’s just for that day. You can do it, mama!

1st Trimester

It always seems to me like the 1st trimester turns everything upside down. You’re exhausted all the time, super hungry but everything sounds gross or tastes weird, and your hormones just started their own theme park. Try these things to get some of your energy back.


  • Eat protein snacks whenever you start to feel hungry. A few slices of cheese, a handful of nuts, a peanut butter (give or take the jelly) sandwich, or my fav, one of LUNA’s awesome Protein Bars. This almost always makes me feel better immediately.
  • Grab something ginger. Ginger cookies, ginger tea, ginger chews… Whatever you can stomach. Ginger helps digestion (bye-bye, gas and bloating!) and calms nausea. (If that isn’t working, sometimes Papaya tablets  or my new fav,  Preggie Pops, help too.)
  • Stock your purse for spur-of-the-moment road trips. I don’t know about you, but I’m a HORRIBLE passenger when I’m pregnant, even if it’s just a trip around town. However, having a little snack on hand and this pregnancy-friendly motion sickness med has saved me on multiple occassions. Best part: it lasts for 24 hours!
  • If all else fails when it comes to morning sickness, try chewing on an Altoid, or sipping a glass of water with a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar stirred in. Sounds crazy, but these remedies really work for many mamas!

2nd Trimester

Things start to get easier in the 2nd trimester… You’re not feeling quite so nauseated by everything, and some of your spunk starts to return. But on the flip side, that belly isn’t getting any flatter, and sometimes all you want is to truly relax. second trimester essentials
  • If you haven’t already, you’ll DEFINITELY want to invest in a pregnancy pillow. Yes, they’re massive. And yes, you’ll love them almost as much as your maternity pants.
  • Speaking of maternity pants… You don’t necessarily have to buy classic maternity jeans to get by anymore. You can use a BellaBand with your current pants, or just find pants you like that have a higher spandex content.
  • You should definitely be carrying a bottle of water around with you 24/7 by now, but if you’re not, pick up one of these adorable glass bottles to boost your fluid intake motivation.

3rd Trimester

Come on, baby! You’re starting to feel like you swallowed a watermelon whole, and let’s be honest, any distraction is a welcome guest. third trimester
  • Have somebody paint your nails. Best friend, hubby, lady you met at the OB/GYN… Or, if you love feeling like an out-of-breath pretzel (or just need that sense of accomplishment), try painting them yourself.
  • Get someone else to clean your floors (for the 100th time). Lord knows you can’t bend down that far anymore anyway.
  • Do some prenatal Pilates. Or yoga. Or just take a nap.
  • Make a baby registry. So many tiny clothes, so little time.
If you are pregnant with your 2nd (or more), you’ll love these tips on helping your toddler prepare for the new baby. And don’t forget to hop over to our Facebook page and let us know what pregnancy necessities YOU found invaluable! Check out these gender reveal ideas! Don’t miss out on these maternity shoot ideas!

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