The Refrigerator: An Unlikely Chalkboard

IMG_2192Chalkboard paint is great.   You can use it to transform any blank surface into a creative masterpiece (or at least a place for notes).   Kristen had a terrific idea!   She painted the side of her refrigerator with chalkboard paint to use it as a note or list making area.   She inspired me and we painted the side of our refrigerator and have made it into a little art niche.

She gives instructions for the project here.   But basically, we needed to clean the surface and apply several coats of the paint.   We had to use about 8 coats to get the shade nice and dark.   This maroon paint is a purply-pink when it has only a few coats on it – by 6 coats it started to look more “maroon”.   We did another few coats so that the surface would be smooth.   The whole “project” cost less than $14 and we still have half the can left!

Other creative uses of chalkboard paint include:

  • Paint a couple kitchen cabinet doors or even the middle of a large door.
  • Does your dining table need to be refinished?   Why not make it a doodling dream!
  • Dollar store frames and corkboard.   Paint the corkboard and stuff it in the frames.   Now you have a mini chalkboard you can walk around the house with.
  • Paint a square on your tubs of toys write what goes in each bucket.   If your organization system changes just wipe off the chalk label.
  • Garage or basement floor… That’s a big surface for “art” projects!
  • This mom used Chalkboard paint to make a collection of wall art canvases.


  1. That is cute. I have been thinking about doing it to their bedroom doors. I did paint the entire inside walls of the play house in chalkboard paint…has to be one of the best inventions ever!

  2. Mud Pies For Mommy says:

    What a great idea!!

  3. Walls of a play house?!? That’s brilliant, you’ve got me thinking!

  4. What a fantastic idea! The price isn’t bad, either. 😉 I will definitely be keeping this in mind next time I’m looking to paint (especially furniture, how fun!).

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