We’re going to show you how to make Fuzzy Stick Bracelets (aka pipe cleaners).  These are great to make for School Spirit Weeks with your school’s colors!

fuzzy stick bracelets


This is what you need to make Fuzzy Stick Bracelets:

  • Fuzzy sticks (or pipe cleaners) of various colors
  • Scissors
  • Pony beads
  • Other charms or embellishments (optional)

bracelet collage
We did three types of bracelets with the fuzzy sticks! One twisted,  one looped and one braided.

To make the twisted bracelet:  hold four or five fuzzy sticks together, twist together at  one end to hold them together. Continue to twist them together really tight, slide a pony bead on as you go.  Finish by twisting the ends together and over each other.
To make the braided bracelet: hold three fuzzy sticks together twist at one end, then braid  as normal like you would hair.  Finish the end by twisting the together use  beads if desired.
To make the loop bracelet: hold two fuzzy sticks together, twist the ends to hold them together.  Slide pony beads onto one fuzzy stick, evenly spaced every inch or so. Then loop the second fuzzy stick over the beaded fuzzy stick, between each bead. Finish by twisting the ends together.

You can size these bracelets by putting them around the wrist, then cutting off any extra and twisting the ends together again.

fuzzy stick bracelets

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