20+ 1 Year Old Activities with Pom Poms

We are constantly doing 1 year old activities in my house.

My son  loves  busy baby activities that keep him entertained and having fun!  Each time I put something out for him, he goes to work immediately.  That’s why I love the simple pom pom baby play station that we set up for him.  He not only loved it, but his big sister did, too – that makes for one happy Mom!

Simple 1 year old activities and games using pom poms ~ I love #2. It's a great way to get siblings in on the fun, too!

I really recommend getting as many pom poms as possible (<—affiliate link to a huge bag of them!).  Or if you want to make your own, check out this tutorial on pom pom making techniques!

I always limited my pom pom use to art projects with kids, but if you have a large amount of them, you can really let kids use them in so many different ways.  They are the perfect thing to take out when you need to make dinner  or  when you need a quick activity!

How to Set Up a Pom Pom Play Station

We piled our pom poms into a basket and created a space where my son could drop, sort, and stick pom poms!

But, his absolute favorite item was the milk carton.  I cut out an opening at the bottom of the milk carton and he dropped the pom poms through the top.  Then,  he could reach in and find  them through the opening.  He did it over and over and over!  It was such a simple activity, but he learned so much and had a blast.

You might notice him hugging the milk carton in the picture below! 🙂

Fun doesn't have to be complicated ~ 1 year olds will love these pom pom activities!

Need more ideas for your pom pom play station?  Here’s over 20 ideas that are perfect for baby!

More 1 Year Old Activities with Pom Poms

Save your plastic bottles to use them with pom poms.

Let big kids entertain little ones by launching pom poms with a homemade catapult.

Make a sticky pom pom window  | No Time for Flashcards

Grab something from your baking shelf to set up this simple pom pom activity for baby |  Hands on: as we Grow

Save egg cartons for a simple invitation to play | The Imagination Tree

Create sculptures with 1 year olds with a  simple wire basket | Twodaloo

Make this  simple activity with velcro and pom poms | Teach Me Mommy

Reuse your plastic bottles a little bit differently to make  this fun pom pom drop | Where Imagination Grows

Don’t get rid of your empty wipes container ~ it’s perfect for pom pom play! | Motherhood on a Dime

Make a simple circle sensory table for baby | B-Inspired Mama

Turn a box into a pom pom station  | I Can Teach My Child

Use this bath toy to make a pom pom game for baby | Activity Mom

Work on real life skills with a  broom and pom poms| Our Montessori Story

This was a favorite at our pom pom play station: tubes and pom poms | Laughing Kids Learn

Make a rainstick with pom poms | Little Wonders’ Days

Use your toothbrush holder as a way to work on baby’s fine motor skills | Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Make quick and easy sensory bottles for baby | Pink Pistachio

Let older siblings (or Mom!)  entertain little ones with this pom pom shooter | FSPDT

Use a basket with holes  to keep baby busy | Learn with Play at Home

Use a mirror as a creative way to play with pom poms | Buggy and Buddy

Save your boxes as a simple way to play ~ just replace the balls for pom poms!

Simple 1 year old activities with pom poms

The great thing about pom poms is that it’s not only limited to 1 year old activities.  There are so many ways to play and to learn.

Come on over to our Facebook page and tell us how you use them in your house ~ we’d love to hear from you!

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