what to make for dinner

What should I make for dinner?

This question is something that I ask myself approximately 365 times a year {on non-leap year years}.

Today I have the answer to your dinner problems for the next 10 days which will give you a start on the following 356…

10 Recipes to Make for Dinner

what to make for dinnerBourbon Flank Steak from Brenda at Meal Plan Magic – She has had this meal on her regular family dinner rotation for years and gives easy instructions on how to make it into a simple freezer meal that is sure to please.

Stir-Fry Orange Beef Lettuce Cups from Christina at A Closet Writer – I share her love of lettuce wraps and she has found this recipe using beef which ended up to be her favorite dinner recipe from the entire month {which means it had some pretty tough competition}.

Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps from Jessica at My Baking Heart – Yay!   I am so excited to have another lettuce wrap recipe to try.   This one is based on my very favorite lettuce wraps in the whole world…Pei Wei’s.   Since there is NOT a Pei Wei within 20 miles of my house, this dinner recipe is going on the ASAP list.

Slow Cooker Shredded Beef Tacos from Arena at The Nerd’s Wife – These look AMAZING.   Oh, and easy!   Arena put them into the slow cooker before church and served 10 adults in the afternoon.   This is a definite must-try.

Spicy Italian Crockpot Beef from Lori at A Day in Motherhood – Another slow cooker dinner recipe to try which makes me really happy! She tweaked a few things about her husband’s favorite recipe to improve the nutrition, and it was a great success.

Natchitoches Meat Pies from Trista at Mommy Upgrade – Yes, she even explains how to pronounce that!   She tries out several modifications of the famous meat pies highlighted in the film, Steel Magnolias.   I loved that she worked on a healthier update, and you will be interested in her conclusion!

Texas Pioneer Pot Pie from Allie at Screwed Up Texan – She had me at pot pie, and with closer examination I can’t wait to try it!   This looks SO good and I can just imagine how the kitchen would smell with an oven full of pot pies just before dinner.

Dijon-Wine Steak Kabobs from Crystal at Crystal and Comp – Crystal promises that this dinner recipe only take 30 minutes and are perfect with the mushroom wild rice recipe that is also included.   I think my kids would love the idea of eating off a stick.

Mushroom Swiss Steak and Potatoes from Amy at Mom’s Toolbox – This recipe is one of her family’s favorites from $5 Dinners which makes it not only yummy, but affordable.   Amy also has some great ideas for frugal pairings.

Pizza Runzas from me here at June Cleaver Nirvana – I pizza-ized my family’s favorite recipe {dinner OR lunch}, Cheeseburger Runzas, to decrease the fat content and increase the vegetable content.   It was a big hit and something that I will make again.

I hope you will try some of these favorite dinner recipes.   It has been a pleasure to work with the 9 bloggers mentioned above for the last month.   The photos that you see to the right were borrowed from each of their posts.

Texas Beef Loving BloggerAll 10 of us have been part of the Texas Beef Council’s Healthy Meals to Fuel the Family program.   We have worked {such grueling work!} with the lovely Beef People to explore some nutrient-rich meal solutions that are reasonable for busy families.

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