Check out these cool lunch box products! So your kids have the super cool lunch box and you’ve read our lunchbox tips… but now they need to organize their food into it so they have diversity and it all fits! Easier said than done… until… Related: Who makes Kirkland products? We discovered a fun collection of lunch box products that will help you organize and have fun with your kids lunches.

Fun Lunchbox Products!

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{Must Have} Lunch Box Products

Re-usable popsicle sleeves. These are brilliant! You can fill them with green smoothies and freeze for a fun after-lunch treat, or use them to fill with other snacks like raisins or dried chick peas! Sporks. Someone gave me these at our baby shower for my oldest… boy did I miss them! These sporks are super handy for a diaper bag and lunchbox. Dishwasher safe. Alphabet letters. Surprise your kids with a message. Leave letters in the top of your kids metal lunchbox for them to read, re-arrange. More Lunch Box Products! Stackable lunch bag parts. We love using bags. Call it old fashioned. It’s also a ton of fun to decorate the bags for your kids! Keep food from being squished with stackable containers. Silicone cups. These come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are perfect for separating foods in a lunchbox. Reusable food pouch. We love the squeezable bags. These are reusable. Just wash them, fill and you can even freeze them to keep food cool until you eat it. lunch box products

Our Must Have Lunch Box Products

Stack-inside-jars. You can stack your kids snacks in a jar. The insert works in any mason jar. Try to use a plastic, BPA-free, jar. You can also use silicone cupcake liners as stackers if you don’t have something that is liquid in the top. Mini Forks. These forks take up next to no space and are super fun and silly. They come in a ten pack – pack two so your kids can share! Food cutter. I wish I had one of these when my kids still needed their foods cut up. You can prep for a lunch playdate in a breeze with this cutter. Metal Classic Lunchbox. This lunch box appears to be indestructible. It’s got inside stack-able and nesting parts so you can separate foods easily. lunch box products What do you have inside your kids lunch boxes? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear! Also, be sure to join us over on our Facebook page. Send your child’s lunch with them in style with this super cute Gameboy lunchbox.

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