When Bears Fly: A Lunch, A Snack & A Craft

Once upon a time there was a bear.

He was just a bear, but had big plans to someday travel.  Not travel the world, but travel to outer space.

When Bears Fly - a lunch - a snack - a craft

Our story today is inspired and sponsored by Fruit Shoot.  Fruit Shoot is a new fruit drink with no added sugar that is perfectly lunchbox-ready!  It has a no spill cap that allows kids to serve themselves without the mess.

And Now Back to Our Story

Bear really wanted to go see the stars and touch the moon.

At lunch one day he decided it was time to take action toward his dream.  He knew the stars and moon were very high and decided to make a ladder to climb.

He made his celery sticks into a ladder and climbed it to reach his sandwich stars.

Fruit Shoot Lunch - ladder to the stars

Although the food was delicious, his plan did not work.

He sat down and pondered what went wrong while drinking his Fruit Shoot.

At snack time, he had another idea.

This one would surely work!

He grabbed a handful of grapes and a piece of paper.

Fruit Shoot - snack - grapes and a paper airplane

While he sipped his Fruit Shoot, he folded the paper into an airplane.

He climbed aboard and flew only a few feet.

He was very discouraged.

The ladder was to short and the plane wouldn’t fly.

There just had to be a way for him to go where he longed to be.

He finished his Fruit Shoot and set the empty bottle down.  He had another idea!

This would surely work.

He carefully fashioned the bottles with some tape into a jet pack {here are the jet pack instructions} and strapped it to his back.

bear jet pack made from Fruit Shoot bottles

Bear  started up the jet pack and  off he went with orange tissue paper streaming behind him.

He flew through the stars and did a loop de loop around the moon.

Bear chased the comets and danced with the constellations.

Bear flying through space - Kids Activities Blog

And that is how Bear traveled to outer space fueled by Fruit Shoot.  Be sure to see how kids adore to be fueled by Fruit Shoot!

Create Your Own Lunch Story

We had so much fun creating a silly story with a favorite toy!  In fact, our story hasn’t stopped…we are plotting more adventures of Bear in Space.

Find out details on their FB page how every bottle of Fruit Shoot unlocks a FREE online adventure in Angry Birds.

Thanks so much to Fruit Shoot for sponsoring this post and being a supporter of Kids Activities Blog and all the adventures we have here.

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