Breakfast on a stick

Sometimes the simple kids activities are the best.

This is a great after school snack to make for kids with leftover waffles – or if you have enough skewers, make this for a fun breakfast!

Your kids will have fun “stabbing” their food to make their breakfast and eating off of a stick.

breakfast on a stick with waffles


We used our low-gluten, half almond flour pancakes, berries, apple chunks and slices of bananas.   Grab whatever fruit you have available.

I have also seen these breakfast sticks, using chunks of sausage or ribbons of bacon between the bites of waffle.   A restaurant in Houston even mixes bite-sized pieces of fried chicken between their waffle chunks.   Or if you want a super sweet treat, drizzle chocolate over your waffle and sprinkle chopped nuts on top.

.breakfast on a stick with waffles

Instead of using syrup to dip your breakfast, try yogurt.   Yumm!


  1. Yum! My son loves anything you put on a skewer – lol.

  2. This looks delicious and it’s a great way to get kids to snack nutritiously.

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