Teach weather for kids with this cute hands-on weather board. weather for kids weather board

Weather for Kids

Every day we look outside and check the weather.   If it is a nice sunny day we take the dogs out, if it is raining we usually get out our puddle shoes and stomp in the puddles, if it is a windy day we like to watch balloons float in the wind.   Regardless of what we do, we are always checking the weather. We decided to make a weather board so we would know the weather for the day.   Everyday, when we go outside to check the weather, we come in and get out our weather board.   We will place the arrows on whatever weather we have for the day.   Weather for kids can be fun and interactive. Related: 25 Fun Weather Activities and Crafts for Kids

Weather Board

Materials needed to make a weather board:
  • large board
  • paper to help cover the board
  • different weather shapes
  • glue to attach the weather shapes
  • velcro to attach the arrows
To make this, we first covered up a large board with white paper.   We then cut out and made shapes for each type of day, we made a sunny day, windy day, cold day, cloudy day, night time, rainy day, hot day, and sunny day.   We also cut out arrows, we chose to cut out two arrows because sometimes it is a windy and a rainy day! weather board We glued each of the cut outs to the weather board.   While we put the cut-outs on the board we talked about all of them.   We pretended to be cold during the cold day, pretended to hold an umbrella during the rainy day, pretended we were sleeping at night time. Next, we attached a piece of velcro to the back of the two arrows.   On the weather board we also attached pieces of velcro in the direction of each of the weather cut outs so the arrows will stick to the board. weather for kids make a weather board Then we brought it down stairs and checked the weather.   Its so easy, and such a fun thing for us to do every morning! Need more kids activities that teach weather for kids?   Check out these great posts from some of the other Quirky Mommas:

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