Printmaking is a fun activity that can be done a lot of different ways. You can make prints from woodcuttings, carved rubber, styrofoam, and even a painting on plastic. Basically, any raised surface that can be painted or inked may be suitable for printmaking. This printmaking idea is a twist on traditional string art. Printmaking with String Art Supplies Needed:
  • cereal boxes or cardboard
  • yarn or string
  • scissors
  • glue (I used washable school glue.)
  • paint
  • paint brushes
  • paper (I used cardstock.)

Create the String Art

  1. Cut a cereal box or cardboard piece to the desired size – probably no bigger than your paper.
  2. Draw a design on the cardboard with the glue. {You could also draw with a pen first and then trace with glue.}
  3. Add your yarn to the glue cutting the yarn as needed.
Alternate method {aka my son’s method}: I cut yarn to various lengths. I help Aiden add glue to the cereal box. Aiden adds yarn to the glue {by randomly dropping the yarn}. For my string art, I made a little scene, a spiral, and a letter. Aiden made a random abstract design. Make the String Art

Make A Print

Paint the string art. Be sure to cover the yarn with paint. It’s completely fine to paint the cereal box as well. Let the painting continue as long as you would like, but be warned: if you use every color and continue to mix the paint, you may end up with a lovely gray/brown. To avoid this, you could limit the color choices to just a few {red, yellow, orange, pink, and white or maybe blue, green, and white}. Paint the String Art Then, place your piece of paper gently on top of the string art. Gently rub across the yarn. The harder you press the more likely you are to make a print that includes whatever paint is right next to the yarn. You can see the letter A print is a bit wide because I pressed pretty hard. You may have enough paint on the string to make a few prints before needing to add more paint.

Printmaking with String Art

Printmaking with String Art I’m really happy with the way these turned out. The string gives the prints a really cool effect. Please let me us know how it works for you!
What printmaking techniques have you tried?   Here are a few ideas from other Quirky Mommas:

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  1. that was really nice way of getting string painting or printing done ….i have tried this at school but never worked well. would try our method…thks (i teach preschoolers of 5years in mumbai India)