Rainbow Cookies – Fun Painting our Food

Eating cookies is yummy and painting is fun – last week we combined two of our favorite things with two of our favorite people!     I like simple easy recipes!   We adapted this recipe from the back of a Duncan Hines Cake box (one we found when making our rainbow cupcakes a few weeks ago).     These cookies are super light and taste a lot like short bread.   All you need is a box of Vanilla cake mix, an egg, some cooking oil, quick oats, pancake syrup and liquid food dye.

preschool art project

Recipe for painted rainbow cookies:


Mix the cake mix with 2/3rds cup of quick oats (or rolled oats you blended in a food processor briefly), add an egg and half a cup of cooking oil.   Mix thoroughly.   The batter will be pretty crumbly.   Form it into balls and stick in the fridge for an hour or so, the batter should stick together a bit better after it sets for a bit.   Roll the batter out into a sheet and using cookie cutters (or a cup) create your cookies.


Edible Paint:


edible art
We used the same edible paint recipe that we use on our Painted Pancakes.   It’s so simple!   Just mix dye with pancake syrup.   Grab some paint brushes and have fun!   These were so yummy!   We had some friends over and it was fun watching the two and three year old pals discover how mixing green and red made brown paint and that if they mixed all of the paints together they had black paint.   Several of these cookies fit right into the fall season.kid eating cookies
Want to see another fun painting cookies activity?   Laura from Home is where the Heart is created some lowfat sugar cookies with her daughter.


  1. That is a clever way to make the paint consistency!! And what cute models you have for this rainbow cookie shoot! Thanks for the great idea 🙂

  2. So interesting. Would never have thought to combine painting and cooking. They look delicious too!

  3. I will definitely do this with the children in my Home child care. Susan Please add my email address to get your blog. Thank you steveac@bellsouth.net

  4. Thanks for the comment this morning 🙂

    We have one of those painting cookie sets, but it’s been sitting in my pantry for a while. I forget about it. I should break it out though and we could make some fall cookies or something!

  5. I love this idea! I’m totally going to use this for Georgia’s next baking adventure. The idea of adding dye to syrup is genius.

  6. I love these! What an awesome idea! You should add it to my ‘Virtual Cookie Exchange’ Blog Hop!

  7. I love this and so would my 4th graders! I’m visiting from as simple as that.

    I host a blog link-up each Friday called a few of my favorite things. I’d love for you to link-up next week!

  8. these cookies look so simple & yummy!! 🙂 thanks for sharing! Rebecca

  9. These cookies look tasty. We did some rainbow food here too – rainbow toast. It was wildly popular. Thanks for joining WMCIR.

  10. I just came upon this post — brilliant idea! How long + at what temperature do you cook the cookies? Thanks again for a beautiful idea.

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