As a mom of three boys, it has become my mission in life to wear them out…daily.  I find that they fight less with each other, have better attitudes with me and are generally nicer people when they are active throughout the day! Quite honestly, I am too! In an age where much of kid entertainment is stationary, here are some gifts that get kids moving.  You might even be a little surprised at some of the active entertainment sources!  There are quite a few active gifts for kids on our 101 Homemade Gifts for Kids list – be sure not to miss that! 12 Gifts to Keep Kids Active - Kids Activities Blog  

Gifts that Keep Kids Active

Here are our top picks for gifts that keep kids moving!  These have affiliate links {to support Kids Activities Blog} and I am a Nintendo Ambassador which gave me the opportunity to try the Wii Fit Meter mentioned below. iBitz Kids Activity Tracker – This wireless activity tracker for kids syncs wirelessly to an app that let’s unlock a world of game interaction fueled by their activity.  It is a small unit that can be clipped to a waistband or shoe that sends the data to the game.  There is a parent app that can sync with the child’s data. Piano Dance Mat by FAO Schwarz  – Ever since I saw the movie, Big, I needed one of these.  This is a really fun version that can get kids moving inside if the weather outside is frightful. Classic Balance Bike  – My youngest had this bike and it was AMAZING.  He was able to hop on and ride right away.  The bonus was that it taught him to balance and when he switched to a traditional bike, he never had to learn to ride.  It is also available in a more traditional bike look with Schwinn Balance Bike. Beamo – 30 inches  – This is a BIG, GIANT, SOFT disc to throw.  It is great because it will work for any skill level and let kids of different abilities play together.  This is one of our favorite ways to “play catch”. Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled  – This sled is the perfect gift for kids in cold-weather climates.  It is light and easy to carry and delivers a powerfully quick downhill ride. Razor PowerWing DLX  – We have had the traditional Razor A Kick Scooters for years.  In fact, each of the boys have one and so do I because they are simply FUN to ride.  We would love to try this new version that has a bigger base and a whole new play experience. Just Dance 2014 – Nintendo Wii  – If you haven’t played this game, then you are oblivious to how uncoordinated you are! It is a hoot.  My kids are better at this than I am, but everyone has a great time, a good workout and likely a lot of giggles. HearthSong Buddy Bumper Ball  – I have been saying for years that what I need is a hamster-type ball for each of my kids.  It would allow them to interact with each other without being able to fight.  This IS the answer!  Give a buffer of air to each child and let the games begin! Mini Ogodisk Super Disk Set  – This is a really simple toy that can be used in multiple ways – either alone or together with a partner.  The entire system is soft so it is easy for even younger kids to learn without fear.  The perfect play-along gift for different aged kids. Wii U Fit Meter  – I have been wearing this for the last month and it coordinates what activities I do in {real} life with the data inside my  Wii Fit U.  So, the 6754 steps I took today get tracked inside my virtual walking tour of Italy and the 234 elevation feet I climbed {I live at sea level…so don’t be too judgmental} are helping me virtually climb Mount Everest.  My kids have been really involved with my progress and want to watch their own! Scuttle Bug – 3 wheel Ride On  – OK, so this makes me sound old, but I REALLY wish these had been around when my kids were little.  They are great for kids 1-3 and fold up making storage at home easier! Smart Basketball – If your gift budget is high, you can not beat the 94Fifty Basketball.  It includes a ball with sensors that interact with a downloadable app pack.  The basketball gives instant feedback and training tracking and education. Still not find what you are looking for?  Check out our favorite gifts for 1 year olds, gifts for 2 year olds and gifts for 3 year olds – more to come in that series! If you have a favorite active gift for kids, please mention it in the comments below!

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