7 Easy Rotel Recipes – Add Some Spice To Your Dinner!

In my house, we always have diced tomatoes and chilies – I can crack open a can of Rotel and totally change the flavor of anything to a nice spicy Tex-Mex meal!

I love having Rotel tomatoes on hand (in fact, I kind of panic if I don’t have a can or two in my pantry just in case!) and these Rotel recipes are some of my absolute favorite!

Rotel Recipes - rotel dip, spicy chicken, taco soup, and more!

7 Easy Rotel Recipes:

Turn a pan of soup into an Impossible Taco Pie that is chock full of beef and spicy flavor!   What makes it impossible?   The fact that it becomes pie!   This recipe ends up making its very own crust in the privacy of the oven.   My kids think it is so neat!

The Velveeta & Rotel with a KICK! secretly sticks in beans and veggies!   The kids will be so busy gobbling up the spice they won’t even realize they are getting vegetables!   SHHHH!

The Rotel Dip with Hamburger Meat is by far one of my family’s favorite Rotel recipes!   Plus, this busy mom of 3 really likes the super quick easiness of melting the cheese in the microwave while browning some meat and in some Rotel and ta da.

The Mexican Chicken Casserole is like a Chicken Taco in one dish, super easy, Casserole form!

Take the Impossible Pie and change a few things to create an Impossibly Skinny Taco Pie that weighs in at approximately 160 calories per serving!   According to my middle boy, this pie is “impossibly still yummy even though Minnie took out all the calories”!

Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup is one of those double-duty dinners!   Make it once and eat it twice – you know the kind I am talking about! From soup on Day one to Tacos on day 2 – if you had enough Chicken or a small enough family you could actually do this into 3 days!   Day one would be a baked chicken, then soup, then tacos!   Of course, my family of five probably won’t even make it to day 2. LOL!

Company coming over for the big game? Did you forget or just get too busy?   This 3 Ingredient Rotel Dip takes less time to put together that it will take you to mad-dash the house!

**By the way – this post is not sponsored by anyone, I just seriously love the sweet and spicy combination of diced tomatoes and chili peppers and the single can makes it so much easier for this busy mom of 3 Boys!

Do you have a favorite Rotel Recipe?

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  1. Looks yummy! I love Rotel so I can’t wait to try these! Thanks for sharing1

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