Combine Books and Crafts For A Cozy Afternoon

Matching a book with a craft can make reading come to life. These activities combine a love of crafting and reading to create a great experience. After you read a book, make a craft to go along with it!  Here are a few books with crafts to get you started.

Today’s best blog feature, Kids Creative Chaos, is sharing some of her favorite crafts that accompany a children’s book. 

5 Books with a Matching Craft

  1. Big Red Barn  – This book is a classic and a favorite among so many.  Make your very own red barn with a few cardboard items.  Your little one will love this!
  2. Daisy-Head Mayzie  – Make a daisy hat so you can look just like the character in the book!  All you need is construction paper and a little imagination!
  3. One Tricky Monkey Up On Top  – After reading this book, grab some construction paper and make your own monkey mask.
  4. The Kissing Hand  – Make your very own kissing hand art with this recipe for edible finger paint.  This would be great for Valentine’s Day!
  5. The Rainbow Fish  – Hang onto all your construction paper scraps!  Get them out and use the multi-colored papers to create your own rainbow fish.  So pretty!

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Which book did you enjoy best? Did you put your own spin on the craft? Reach out in the comments to let us know!

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