6 Book Activities for Kindergartners

Book activities can take our favorite stories and turn them into fun.   Why just read a book and then put it away?   Make it exciting!

These book activities come from our best blog feature,  Ready Set Read.  Follow that link to read her interview!

6 Book Activities for Kindergartners

6 Book Activities for Kindergartners

1.   Fairy Tale Prop Bakets – Make a basket to accompany your favorite fairy tales.   For a Beauty and the Beast theme, add an old book, a rose and a mirror.   For the Three Little Pigs make  a basket with sticks, straws and blocks.

2.   Book: Chrysanthemum – Try some of these name activities to help your little one learn how to spell their name like just like the character in the book. Use this to talk about the meaning of their name and why it was chosen.

3.   Book: David Goes To School – Perfect for this time of year, teach your kids about behaving in school by having them draw scenarios like: waiting in line, holding hands while in the parking lot, etc.

4.   Road Trip Reading – Create a reading basket for a long car trip.   This gives you lots of ideas with activities and book ideas to include.

5.   Book: Wacky Wednesday – Have a wacky time with these printable book activities to accompany a fun Dr. Seuss book.   Try wacky bingo and a word search!

6.    Reading Aloud – For the new reader, here are some great tips on making the most out of their read aloud time.   Participate in reading with them and incorporating visuals are a great place to start!

 Thank you for sharing these, Ready Set Read!


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