I started out for the races on Sunday with my husband, dad and brother.

We had a wonderful time at the Chevy Village of Champions, pit tours and lunch…

but no race.

Mother Nature was not treating Texas Motor Speedway kindly.   The radar LOOKED clear, but the rain fell all day.

By the end of the day they decided to reschedule both Saturday’s and Sunday’s races for Monday.

I headed back after dropping my older two boys at school with my four year old, Rhett and met my dad in the stands.

I played hooky.

I can’t even remember the last day when I ditched all responsibilities and did something just for fun.

We had a great time.   Rhett did really well at the races…I didn’t know what to expect from a 4 year old.   I just figured we would head out if he had had enough, but he hung in there until the very end.

His favorite part?

The wreck.

It happened right in front of us.   And so did the sweeper truck, the dryer truck, the sand truck, the ambulance, the giant tow truck, etc. that followed.

It was a truck-lover’s dream come true.

Here are pictures and story from both days...just click on the photo below to start the slide show.

More check-ins at Texas Motor Speedway
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Thank you Girlfriend Getaway DFW sponsored by the North Texas Chevy Dealers for the NASCAR tickets — we LOVED them.

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