With the weather warming up outside my kids and I both enjoy being outside!   That said, there are times when I have to encourage them to stay outside.   Remember our Boredom Buster Dice?   We made a new one full of activities they can do outside. Whenever they complain, “Mom, but I don’t want to ride my scooter – I wanna come inside.”   We roll the dice and see what fun activity we get to do together. Here are just a few of the activities the kids and I thought of to put on our outside dice.   Do you have any ideas to add? backyard activities

Activities to Entertain Kids in the Backyard

  1. Go on a Nature Hunt. Can you find 10 living and 10 non-living things?
  2. Race, play Red Light, Green Light or do Basketball suicides.   We have even played fetch, where I throw a ball or another toy and the kids race to see who can get it first.
  3. Make a mini-pool out of a tupperware tub.   This is by far one of their favorite activities.   We’ll fill a shallow tub with water and as it is Spring and too cool for true swimming, the kids get to practice pouring and dumping all with minimum mess/wetness.
  4. Make and play with Moon Sand.   Another favorite activity we use with a tupperware tub to help contain the spread of the sand.
  5. Try one of these super fun sidewalk chalk games. We love number six!
  6. Weed the lawn or water the grass.   You can use a sprinkler if the weather is balmy, if not give the kids watering cans.   Mine enjoy walking around the lawn dumping their water.
  7. Find and feed the wildlife in your own backyard.   That stale bread is good for birds, but also for the bugs!   How many different bugs can you find?
  8. Make mud cakes with old pie tins or try mud painting.   We actually have mud clothes set aside for just these activities!
  9. Fly a kite (or a plastic bag).   Kites are great, but plastic bags fly more easily and with less wind.
  10. Make plant rubbings.   Have grass clippings?   You have art!

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  1. Being a mom is awesome? Well so is being a dad, especially when mom isnt around. Really frustrated with all these articles pointing out mother child…Fathers are so not recognized and DO look at these pages.

    1. Hi Adam,
      I am so sorry you feel that way. I am a mom. I have no experience being a dad and have the utmost respect for dads! I can’t imaging my kids life without their dad. Or any kids’ life without a dad. I am so thankful that you are a great dad to your kid. I write from my experience. I also know that 97% of the people that visit this website are women. It is natural to just talk to them. That doesn’t mean I don’t love dads or think they are absolutely necessary. I asked my good friend about this when I started this site. he was a stay at home dad and I was worried I would alienate men by only talking to moms. He laughed at me and said that dads could figure out that I was including them. So that is what has been in my heart. -Holly

  2. I am so making this idea for when the grandkid comes to visit! I might even make two diffrent ones. 🙂

  3. Great ideas! My boys have grown up a bit too much, and while they love to be outside, it’s all about sports! I look forward to doing some of these things again with my daughter. 🙂

    Glad the snack ideas were helpful at Sugar Tails Recipe Box.

  4. I love the dice idea, and the collection of ideas you have put together. We have just finished school holidays and I had the “I’m bored” comment so often it really frustrated me – maybe I should keep a list of ideas ready to whip out at such times and get me a dice 🙂
    .-= jenny @ let the children play´s last blog ..just add water =-.