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Are you afraid to start your fitness journey out of fear of failure?

Are you afraid to register for that yoga or Zumba class, afraid to sign up for the 5K, afraid to buy a tennis racket, or afraid about the expensive workout program because you feel like you are just going to fail… again?

Defining the fear

I have had three different friends ask me the same question over the last couple of weeks: how do you get over the fear of failure?

The truth is, everything in life comes with the potential of failure. Even if you are just driving to the grocery store to pick up some apples, you could have car trouble, the store could be out of apples, or you could even get sidetracked and completely forget what the errand was for. There is always the potential for failure. But that potential for failure doesn’t keep you from going to the store, does it? If you want the apples, you get in your car and head for the store.

Dealing with the fear

If you cannot change the potential for failure, why not hit it from a different angle and redefine what failure looks like?

It is my opinion that sitting on your rear in front of the TV with a bag of popcorn and scoop of ice cream is way more “failure” than not completing the 5K in the time you defined for yourself. Registering and trying is much closer to your goal than doing nothing.

What failure REALLY is

  • Failure is NOT the lack of reaching your goals; failure lack of even trying to reach your goals.
  • Failure is NOT falling off the weight loss wagon; failure is choosing not to get back up and keep moving.
  • Failure is NOT losing 5 pounds when you were aiming for 10; failure is quitting because you are not achieving your goals fast enough.
  • Failure is quitting on yourself before you have reached your goal.

Failure homework

This week, let’s take a look at what you are really afraid of. How do you define failure? Comment below.


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