As we ring in the New Year, lots of us find ourselves with resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, or to get healthier.  I have several friends that are training for 5Ks. Some are even taking up new sports like bicycling and boxing. As a former fat girl, I am supportive of anything and everything it takes to help women meet their goals. Making a New Year’s Resolution is only the first step. After that, you need to:
  1. Write it down. What EXACTLY are you wanting to accomplish? Is there a specific amount of weight you want to lose? Is there a dress size you want to fit into? A race you want to complete? Name it.
  2. Set up smaller goals. A long-term goal can seem to be an eternity away. Set up smaller goals so you can see what you are accomplishing.
  3. Reward yourself. Once you meet your smaller goals, reward yourself. Brag about your accomplishments to your friends. Post it on Facebook. Post it here so we can celebrate with you.
  4. Forgive yourself. You will sometimes fail. You are only human. You will go through spurts of eating too much, not exercising, or otherwise letting yourself down. The key is to forgive yourself, get back on that proverbial horse, and getting moving again.
Let’s start the new year together… comment below and let the world know what your health goal is. We are behind you all the way! My fitness goal for 2013:  I am going to lose that last nagging 25 pounds. I have equipped myself for success with my own home gym, but to help stay motivated I have also found a walking partner that I will exercise with a couple of times each week. We are mapping out some neighborhoods and parks to couple exercise with socialization. With my pedometer in place, I will not rest till I cross 10,000 steps every day.

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  1. Mine is to try a new yoga class with a different teacher each month. I’m ready for some variety and I love learning from new teachers!!