On the way to school this morning, the sky was still a little dark from night. The trees were swaying more than normal. The clouds in the sky that hinted rain might be on the way. boy predicts the futureBut it was Reid(8) that made the strongest argument for scary weather… I had a dream last night that there was one big tornado and a bunch of little tornadoes. Ryan(10):   Dreams mean something. Reid:   Yes.   There will be tornadoes today. Rhett(5):   I don’t like tornadoes. Me:   Dreams don’t necessarily mean something is going to happen.   You could have just been thinking about tornadoes yesterday and dreamed about them. Ryan:   It was probably a VISION. Reid:   Yes.   I think it was a vision. Me:   Usually, it is not a vision. Reid:   Muhammad had a vision! Ryan:   And people in the Bible! Rhett:   Ya mommy, Reid can have a vision. Reid:   There will definitely be tornadoes today. And now I know how Nostradamus’ mother felt in the early years.

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  1. I love how they banded together!!

    So…..was there a tornado?? 🙂
    I think kids do have a much better sense of things because they are so open and not jaded yet. My kids have said many things over the years that seemed psychic. It’s freaky.

  2. Vision or no vision, I love how they’re all totally sticking up for Reid and how they think anything is possible. Here’s hoping for a sunny day for you all.