7 Festive & Free Fourth of July Coloring Pages

Today, we are sharing Fourth of July Coloring Pages! Whooo hooo!

When you think of the Fourth of July, you think of family, fun, fireworks, festivities and celebrating the USA that we call home.

4th of july coloring pages

It is a day not only for our country, but to come together as families and citizens and enjoy the day together! I personally love to have a great big family picnic in the afternoon until it’s time for fireworks. And it is always a bonus when my husband decides to grill.

Fourth of July Coloring Pages for Kids

What do you and your family like to do for the 4th of July?

Picnic, parade, BBQ, fireworks?

If you need a fun activity for the little ones on the 4th of July, why not print out some coloring pages? They easy, quick to set up, and a cheap entertainment option!

Plus, kids love coloring pages and they get the creative juices flowing!

Free Printable Fourth of July Coloring Page Set

In this set I’ve got 7 free printable coloring pages for you and your little ones to color. Included in the set are:

1. 4th of July Coloring Page

4th of July coloring page pdf file- Kids Activities Blog
Check out this 4th of July coloring page

This 4th of July coloring page is so easy to color! I think I’d color the 4 blue, and color some of the stripes red on July. You could even add your own pictures in the background, like fireworks!

2. 3 Patriotic People With Fireworks Coloring Page

3 patriotic kids with fireworks pdf file- kids activities blog
Color the kids and the fireworks to make an amazingly patriotic picture.

Color the kids and the fireworks! Give it a dark background and make the fireworks nice and bright. You could even add glitter to the fireworks to make it “pop.”

3. American Flag Coloring Sheet

American Flag coloring sheet pdf file- Kids Activities Blog
This American flag may not have all the stars, but this American Flag coloring page is great for smaller kids.

This American flag coloring sheet is great for smaller kids. This would be a perfect patriotic coloring sheet for bigger crayons. It would even be a lot of fun to use water colors too I think!

4. Fireworks Coloring Page

Fireworks coloring page pdf file- Kids Activities Blog
Color these fireworks! Make them bright and fun! Add neon paint, glitter crayons, or glitter glue.

Fireworks are a big part of the 4th of July and now you can make your own! Make the fireworks bright and colorful and maybe a little sparkly!

5. 4th Of July BBQ Coloring Sheet

Kid 4th of July BBQ coloring page pdf file- Kids Activities Blog
BBQ’s are a big part of Fourth of July! Now you can color a BBQ coloring page.

I love 4th of July BBQ’s and I think that’s why this is my favorite coloring page. It has a picnic table with drinks and snacks, a smiling boy, and decorations! How festive.

6. USA Kids Coloring Page

USA Kids Coloring page PDF FILE- Kids Activities Blog
Color these kids and USA coloring pages!

Color these patriotic kids and the words USA with this USA coloring page. Make it patriotic, make it colorful, make it your own! I love that the A of USA has a heart in it!

7. USA Map Coloring Page

USA map coloring page pdf file- Kids Activities Blog
Color the USA map!

You can color the states all different colors. And maybe even draw Alaska and Hawaii too since they’re also part of the USA.

Fourth of July Coloring Pages

Download & Print Fourth of July Coloring Pages pdf File Here

It’s easy to print out the entire pack all at once or just choose the individual pdf file pages you want. All 7 pages are included in this one download…

Fun Coloring Activities for Kids

Need some new ideas for what to do with coloring pages? Try these things…

  • Cover with Play dough (you might want to put the coloring page in a sheet protector first)
  • Use watercolor pencils
  • Use them as decorations for your 4th of July celebrations
Fourth of July Coloring Pages


More Fourth of July Coloring Pages & Printables

And all this is so much more fun when you are eating 4th of July cupcakes or one of our 24 red white and blue desserts!  Don’t miss out on all sorts of patriotic crafts and activities for kids.

Which of the fourth of July coloring pages was your favorite to color?


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