Every Day Holds a Story

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One of the things that I have learned through being a mom over the last 12 years is how easy it is to forget those little everyday events.

Every day has a story - I love how moms can keep up with the little ones with this app.

Blowing bubbles on the front porch.  The swim with grandma.  The funny thing someone said at the mall.

Life is a collection of these little events.

Kids grow fast and I don’t want to forget the power of a simple moment.

My kids recently celebrated the their last day of school.  A big deal was made about it.  There were parties at school, parties after school and thank you tokens given to teachers.

But what about the next day?

We went for a quiet morning at a new park in our town.  A big deal was NOT made about it, but it is still part of our family’s story…

That is what I LOVE about Disney’s new Story app.  It organizes the photos on my phone into events.  I can easily go in and edit those photos, add more, subtract some and then add text to fully tell our story.

These stories can be shared via email or FB.

The stories I have created are all available online or on my phone.  It is an easy digital scrapbook of little moments we can remember.

And we can watch our stories over and over.

Download the Disney Story app from iTunes   “ for FREE “ right here!   |  Disney Story Twitter   |  Disney Story Facebook


  1. That looks like a really cool app – it would enable me to record all we do each day in an easy way. Going to try it!

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