ABC Jesus Loves MeIn each of our weekly curriculum reviews I learn something that I should be doing differently in our schooling endeavors!   Over this past week of working with the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum I have learned that I really should be more structured in the way we implement our homeschooling preschool.   We are quite eclectic which usually means we focus a lot on one area (art and painting) and something is left out or to covered fully. I am thankful for the ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum. Educator Momma C created the value based preschool curriculum while working with and teaching her three kiddos, one of which has Sensory Processing Disorder. She understands kids and the way they think and has created a very incremental program. … Each week contains several learning songs, a bible verse for your child to memorize (that corresponds with the lesson), colors to play with, a number to learn about, suggested books to read, links to free coloring pages, and a fun family activity (like making homemade ice-cream, puppets out of recycled items, etc.). Seriously, I am amazed at how organized this curriculum is! Momma C has thought of everything from learning how to write and cause and effect relationships, to learning the months of the year. By the end of the year the kids even learn safety facts, like their phone number and where they live. I never even thought about teaching my kids that! Both of my preschoolers are able to memorize facts and I never even thought about the safety issue of teaching them to recite where they live and how to contact us! Our Out of Sync Life Momma C also created a resource page, with development guides so you can know if your child is on-track and help develop their weaker areas, a readiness checklist of what your child will need to know before they start Kindergarten, activity and behavior charts (do your kids respond well to sticker progress charts, these are perfect), etc. She also has a personal blog, Our Out-of-Synch Life where she demonstrates the use of ABC Jesus Loves Me in her home and tells you about the other resources they use to enrich their lives. … While I know that I am way too disorganized and crave spontaneous variety I am sure that we will begin incorporating portions of ABC Jesus Loves Me into our home routine!   This would be a great program for someone who thrives on structure and also for those of you running a preschool from your home or in a professional center.

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