Winter activities doesn’t always have to be about playing in the snow!  Depending on where you are in the world, snow play may be just a dream.  This activity is great fun for kids learning to spell or read sight words. Kids Activities Blog is excited to welcome Hannah from Making Boys Men as Quirky Momma for the day.  She is here to share a winter activities alternative…snow or no snow. winter activities

Winter Activities

I’ve been a bit jealous recently when I’ve seen lots of snow play from around the world, no snow here for us in our part of the UK – just the same old rain!  But, a few weeks ago we did get frost and made use of it with a bit of outdoor writing practice! Yes frost writing is exactly that – writing in the frost.

Winter Activities – Frost Writing

This is Champ testing out his writing skills on the frost of our car!  Novelty fun for him as it’s not been frosty for ages and using your finger in frost is super chilly – little did he know he was practising his writing skills. Just time for Hubby to get in on the action and make his mark too.  More secret sight word practise for Bud – oooh we are sneaky! If you’re enjoying winter weather I hope you’re having fun, we will go back to splashing in puddles! Hannah is the British Mum to boys.  She writes at Making Boys Men and you can find her on twitter as @MakingBoysMen.

More Winter Activities

Kids Activities Blog loves to play year round, but there is something special about winter activities!  Here are a few of our favorite cold weather play ideas that you can try no matter what the weather.

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