Are you looking for ways to get your kids outside in the colder temps?   Here are some creative ways that were linked up to our weekly kids meme, It’s Playtime.   These are some great ways that your kids can play outside, even though it’s cold out. . It's Playtime:  8 Ideas for Winter Play with Kids

Outdoor Kids Activities

Decorate your yard (or your fence) with ice jewels. Make music with items you have in your kitchen.   We love all the ideas of natural melody found in the video from Child Play Music! Get a cardboard box out, bring it outside!   It can become a “house”, a sled, a “cave” – the sky is the limit! Love to paint?   Our kids do.   Make your own paintbrushes with items found in your yard. Winter is a fun time to watch birds.   We love our birdseed “cookies” – we made some using that tutorial. Make something fly!   Check out our balloon rockets – so much fun watching the bottle fly around the yard. Go on a quick nature hunt in your yard and collect items to create – I love this milkweed baby. Play with water, but don’t get wet.   Try dropping items into a cup and see if you can aim correctly. .

More Kids Activities:

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