Today, we have interesting Bolivia facts. These fun facts come straight from this democratic republic in Latin America, comprised mostly of indigenous people. These printable pages come with cute drawings so you and your little one can learn as you color. They also include the most fun facts about Bolivia, so they make a great resource for students learning about Bolivian history.

Black and white coloring pages with Bolivia facts lying on top of a blue-green sheet with multicolored letters on a light brown background.
Let’s color some interesting facts about Bolivia!

Fun Facts About Bolivia

Bolivia is a landlocked nation of 1,098,581 square kilometres with not one capital city but two! Bolivia’s country spans from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon basin.

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Bolivia’s rich history as part of the Inca Empire is shown by the large amount of direct Incan descendants living in the country. Today, Bolivia has populations mostly living in urban areas like the capital cities of La Paz and Sucre.

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Let’s learn some more fun facts about Bolivia!

Bolivia Facts FOR KIDS

  1. Bolivia, officially the Plurinational State of Bolivia, is a landlocked country located in South America.
  2. It has two capital cities: La Paz as its administrative capital and Sucre as the constitutional capital.
  3. Bolivia’s land is 424,164 square miles, slightly less than three times the size of the state of Montana.
  4. Bolivia’s total population is 12.08 million people, with Santa Cruz, El Alto, La Paz, Cocha, and Oruro being the major cities.
  5. Bolivia was under Spanish rule for over three centuries until it gained independence in 1825, led by Simón Bolívar.
Screenshot of a black and white coloring page with Bolivia facts.
Simon Bolivar led the quest for independence in Bolivia.
  1. Lake Titicaca, situated in the Andes Mountains, is the world’s highest navigable lake and is thought to be there million years old.
  2. Bolivia has 36 indigenous cultures, with numerous indigenous languages spoken alongside Spanish, and all are official languages.
  3. Guinea pig, known as “cuy” in Bolivia, is a traditional food source and is commonly consumed in rural areas.
  4. The Andean Condor, a majestic bird with one of the largest wingspans in the world, is a national symbol of Bolivia.
  5. Evo Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president, held office from 2006 to 2019, promoting social and economic reforms.

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  • Bolivia facts coloring pages are sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.
Screenshot of a black and white coloring page with Bolivia facts.
The independent country of Bolivia has many main languages, including those from the indigenous population and local culture.


This pdf file includes two coloring sheets loaded with Bolivia facts that you don’t want to miss. Print as many sets as needed and give them to friends or family!

Interesting Bolivia Facts


What was your favorite Bolivia fact?

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