Fantasitc Friday: Crowns, Gummi Legos, Letter Puzzles & Smells

Kids: Make your own party crownEvery Friday we offer awards to what we think are a few of the most fantastic posts or interesting news we have found online or have been submitted to us.   Feel free to join in on the fun and find your own fantastic posts and blogs to feature!   We have a linky and a button award for you to share.         This week’s “shout-outs” go to DIY Crowns, Instructions on how to make your own gummi Lego Candy, some templates for making letter puzzles and the cheapest odor eliminator I’ve ever heard of!

This week we are giving a shout-out to Brassy Apple.   She has tons of super easy-to-follow tutorials.   We love playing pretend at our house!   Often pretend clothes are geared toward little girls so I am always on the lookout for boy or gender neutral ideas.   I can see us making several in the next few weeks!   Brassy Apple has great instructions for creating your own party crowns!   She also has several posts that she is featuring this week with directions to make other party supplies.

edible legosI am also ecstatic to have found instructions on how to create build-able   gummi legos!   Instructables has really detailed instructions on how to make your own gummi candies, they made theirs in the shape of legos and were even able to build with them!     I love that these are relatively good for you, you can adapt the ingredients and make them with fruit juice.   He even adds Vitamin C to them to increase the sour flavor, but I think these would be a great way to boost small immune systems during these cold-ridden months.   Thanks also to mom, Joanne, for providing the image of the gummi legos she made!

Early Literacy Letter PuzzlesAs we are beginning to work on early literacy at our house, I am thrilled to have discovered these templates from Nicole at Tired, Need Sleep for creating puzzles to form letters.   I know they will be useful for our kids to work on recognizing and   manipulating letters.   The Activity Mom shows us these letter puzzles being used by her son.   I like how the template is there for younger children and toddlers to follow and can see these puzzles being adapted for my preschooler by eliminating the pattern and having them create their names, etc.

And my final “Fantastic Friday” shout-out goes to a site I found with hundreds, literally, hundreds of uses for vinegar.   I learned that vinegar cuts even the nastiest potty-training induced smells.   I never would have thought that as vinegar is so smelly, and vinegar also has tons of uses for health and home!


  1. Gummy Legos! That’s a fun idea!
    .-= blueviolet´s last blog ..Ouch =-.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that the contact me mailbox is not working. I keep getting an error!
    Anyway, You stopped by my blog and said you would love for me to be a featured blogger. Can you e-mail me with more info!
    .-= Montessori Moments´s last blog ..Snowmen Activity =-.

  3. Yikes, hadn’t realized my button is broken! I did a re-design a few weeks ago and hadn’t noticed the drop in email! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I’ll email those of you who left comments about trying to reach us and will get a new button up soon!

  4. Thanks for featuring my Build-A-Letter templates! I’ve loved looking through your blog at all the *fantastic* ideas – thanks for sharing these with us!

  5. Gummi legos?! Are you kidding?!?! That has to be the best idea ever!!! I’m taking this and running with it. I know what my next goodie bags are going to be filled with.
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Happy 101 =-.

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