Lots of fun Activities for your preschoolers to do!

Each Friday we are going to try and feature some of the best online finds! This week I have found five terrific sites that deserve a shout-out! Today we’re featuring rain gutters as bookshelves, a new way to use incorporate cars with spelling, a set of clipboards that will make any “school” time a fun experience and a musical instrument from recycled materials. Here are some photos with links to the tutorials for each of the projects mentioned today: Kim atRaising Olives, made a set of gutters into cheap narrow bookshelves, brilliant for those narrow hallways!   I love how the gutters showcase the various books!   Makes me want to read them! Beth at Keesler Chaos uses letters to make a street for her preschooler to drive his cars on.   I can see these letter roads being used for more than just letter recognition!   Your kids can work on site words and early spelling skills as they drive their cars from one letter to the next.   The Inadvertent Farmer created some really adorable clipboards with her kiddos.   She used pictures of the kids and their names to personalize them!   They are adorable! …And Jen from TV-Free Toddler Time made rattles out of   toothpaste boxes, beans and colorful blue tape for her preschoolers to make music.

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