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My boys are a little obsessed with China.

It all started a month or so ago when Pingping (at the time he was the world’s smallest man) appeared on The Amazing Race.   Because of their obsession with The Guiness Book of World Records, Pingping was a huge celebrity in their minds.   Unfortunately, Pingping passed away before the airing of the show and the boys are heart broken that when they go to China they won’t be able to meet him.

When they go to China.

I identify with this.   When I was six I spent the better part of two days digging a very large hole underneath my swing set in Berrien Springs, MI in an attempt to dig a tunnel to China.   If China was on the other side of the world, I was certain to find it with my sand shovel.

Today they enlisted the help of their cousin(6) in their journey to China.

We were at the lake and the four of them decided that they would travel to China on the inflatable raft.   They decided that their cousin would pull them since they were all too young to drive the jet ski.

They waved wildly good-bye and soon were China-bound.

Awhile later they had drifted back to the dock and I asked if I could take pictures of the explorers since I was going to miss them very much once they were in China.

Won’t you be in China?

If you are in China, I would definitely come visit you.

We will miss you mom.

Have you looked at a map to make sure you are headed in the right direction?

No.   We are sure it is this way.   We might go to Egypt instead because this definitely looks like the Nile.

And just like that they changed their plans and headed to Egypt.

They took turns pulling the inflatable raft.




No matter how hard they pulled they seemed to be circling the dock.

The only thing that was between them and arrival in Egypt…

…was my foot on the end of a rope tethered to the inflatable raft.


  1. 🙂 HA! Reese loved PingPing too! If they are China-obsessed, then you really DO have to read Little Pear to them. I’m dropping the book in your mailbox today 🙂

  2. You should take the boys to the Super H Market (Asian market) on Old Denton and the Bush where the Mervyn’s used to be. Husband says it is like walking through a portal to SE Asia.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA. Are you going to wait until they’re adults to tell them you were standing on the rope?

  4. That is completely hilarious — and awesome in its momness (mawesome?).

  5. HAHA!!! Hilarious! Yup, you would miss them….if you’d ever let them go!! 😀

  6. Is it possible that you are standing on a rope of mine somewhere? I seem to have a problem recently with circling and circling and never actually getting anywhere…

    Holly, quit standing on my rope!!

  7. I am SO happy to read this! I thought that MY bebe boy was the only one totally OBSESSED with the Guiness Book of World Records! At his book fair, with the choice of ANY book or books there, he went straight to the newest Book of World Records! He’s also obsessed with atlases, and keeps trying to check them out of the library, even though they’re reference books and can’t leave .. sigh … I love it when kids use their imaginations! SO much better than sitting at a PC screen or playing video games!

  8. Love it! As an only child I spent many happy hours pretending and “traveling” the world. I was always entertained, and never lonely.

  9. This was too funny! I know my daughter has wanted to run away before and I’ve helped her pack. She’s very upset when she realizes that I’m not going to be there to carry her bag and changes her mind because she likes her toys too much to leave them behind! Whew!

  10. I have two sons and a younger daughter, all now adults. Your story reminds me of when my boys were still growing. No trips to China, but they attempted to ride their bikes to Mexico one time (we live near Seattle.) They got as far as Olympia before calling us, exhausted.

  11. That is too funny! My kids are obsessed with China too – every night when they are about to go to sleep I hear whispers about the Chinese children needing to get up and play! 🙂

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