Last year we fell in LOVE with these Costco Hot Chocolate Bombs and they are back this year with new packaging…yay! I don’t know where you live, but here in Utah it is COLD. So, it’s officially hot cocoa season. Our solution for home or as a gift is a big package of these yummy, heart-warming hot chocolate bombs at Costco made by Acappella.

Acapella classic chocolate bombs filled with mini marshmallows
Let’s celebrate with hot chocolate from Costco!

You may remember when hot chocolate bombs came onto the scene in 2020 and the good news is that they are here to stay because they are awesome.

Costco's Acappella Bev bombs hot chocolate bombs - shown held in Costco store with pallet behind

What are Hot Chocolate Bombs?

Hot chocolate bombs are a trendy and fun twist on traditional hot chocolate. They are spherical confections made from a hollow shell of chocolate that’s filled with hot chocolate mix and often include mini marshmallows. They might also contain other flavorings or additions like crushed candy canes, sprinkles, or flavored syrups.

The idea is simple yet delightful: you place the chocolate bomb in a mug, pour hot milk (or a milk alternative) over it, and as the chocolate melts, the bomb “explodes” to release the cocoa mix and marshmallows. Stirring the mixture blends everything together into a rich, creamy hot chocolate drink.

Hot chocolate bombs have become especially popular around the holidays and are often used as gifts or as a festive way to enjoy a warm, comforting beverage. They can be homemade or purchased from stores, where they come in a variety of flavors and designs, with some even featuring decorative patterns or colors on the chocolate shell.

Costco Sells Hot Chocolate Bombs

Costco's Acappella Bev bombs hot chocolate bombs - pallet of packages in Costco store

And now, you can get a pack of flavored hot cocoa bombs from Costco!

This year the pack of hot cocoa bombs is made by A’Cappella and comes with 20 hot chocolate bombs including 4 different flavors.

Hot Chocolate Bomb Flavors

Costco's Acappella Bev bombs hot chocolate bombs - store display in Costco

Flavors include: Cookies and Cream, Peppermint, Salted Caramel and Classic.

Just plop them into a hot cup of milk and watch them melt before your eyes turning your hot cup of milk into a rich and creamy cup of hot cocoa.

How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs into drink

Costco's Acappella Bev bombs hot chocolate bombs - instructions to make hot chocolate from bombs and flavors on packaging
  1. Carefully drop a bomb into 6 oz. of warm milk or coffee.
  2. Give the mixture a stir.
  3. Watch as the marshmallows appear and enjoy!
Costco's Acappella Bev bombs hot chocolate bombs - pallet in Costco

Buy Hot Chocolate Bombs at Costco

You can find these hot cocoa bombs at your local Costco now for just under $25!

Grab a package or two or three at your local Costco or online you can purchase them here.

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Have you tried the Costco hot chocolate bombs? Tell us in the comments below!

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