Kids sometimes need help learning family names. This name game combines name and spelling practice with Christmas cheer! Try it out before extended family holiday celebrations this year.  Kids love decorating Christmas trees. Why not add a little learning to their decorating fun? I first saw this activity at Reading Confetti  and knew we had to try it.

Christmas Name Game

Supplies Needed:
  • paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • markers
  • milk caps or circle-shaped stencil to trace small circles

Christmas Activities for Kids

  1. Cut out a Christmas tree shape. I used a piece of 12 inch square scrapbook paper.
  2. Plan out where you want to place your letter ornaments. I used milk caps to help with the placement.
  3. Trace the milk caps.  I found it was easier to trace the milk caps with a pencil and then go over the circle with a marker.
  4. Write your child’s name in the the ornament circles. You could write in all caps or use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.
  5. Trace milk caps onto different colored paper to create the ornaments. Cut out the circles.
  6. Write a letter in your child’s name on each of the ornaments.

Practice Name Recognition by Decorating the Tree

You now have a Christmas tree with letter circles on it and letter ornaments. Introduce the tree to your child. Point out that the letters on the tree spell his name. To my son, I said, “The tree has your name on it. Look A-i-d-e-n spells Aiden.” Show your child the letter ornaments. Have her match the letters on the ornaments to the letters on the tree.

Variations to Try

  • Match uppercase letters to lowercase letters. {You can write uppercase letters on one side of the ornament and lowercase letters on the other side.}
  • Spell other words.
  • Match colors.
  • Match numbers.
  • Practice matching shapes.
  • Use milk caps or similar objects to represent the ornaments instead of paper.
  • Use other pictures as a background for the matching game. I created similar matching games for Valentine’s Day.

More Christmas Activities for Kids

You might have noticed we are ALL about the Christmas activities for kids…like this name practice.  Here are some other fun festive favorites: What fun we had with these Christmas activities for kids turning learning into part of our holiday celebration. You know how much we love kids activities around here 🙂 What’s the most complicated name your kid needs to learn before your Christmas party? Let us know in the comments!

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