This Glowing Game Lets Your Kids Battle Like A Ninja Samurai

I don’t know about yours, but my kids LOVE to be pretend to battle each other. They play fight and play all sorts of battle games.

Starlux Games

So, as soon as I saw this Glowing Game that lets your kids battle like a ninja samurai, I knew we had to get it!

Starlux Games

This is the Glow Battle Game for kids and it contains foam swords that glow-in-the-dark so your kids can play fight and pretend to be ninjas for hours.

The Glow Battle kit comes with enough items for up to 4 players including: 4 glow katanas and 4 dojo markers.

Starlux Games

Each game:

  • Includes a free download of 10 game variations for repeated play
  • Inspires creative gameplay for kids who love Star Wars, laser tag, RPG, and ninja games
Starlux Games

This would be so fun for night games, birthday parties and more!

You can get the Glow Battle Game on Amazon for under $40 here.

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