10 Buzz Lightyear Crafts for Kids

This list of Buzz Lightyear Crafts for Kids will take your crafting skills to infinity and beyond!

Buzz Lightyear Crafts for Kids

In celebration of the new Disney/Pixar movie Lightyear, we thought it would be fun to gather our favorite Buzz Lightyear themed crafts so you can make them with your kids!

You will have a blast crafting these Buzz crafts that are out of this world fun!

DIY Buzz Lightyear Craft

I love how adorable this Buzz Lightyear Craft is. It may look complicated, but it actually has a free template!

DIY buzz Lightyear T-shirt

This buzz lightyear t-shirt can easily be made using a plain white t-shirt and some fabric paint. Kids can make their own Buzz lightyear uniform!

Homemade Buzz lightyear drink for kids

This Buzz Lightyear Drink “craft” is more of an edible one and is perfect for the kids to sip on with all this fun.

DIY Buzz Lightyear Gloves

These handmade Buzz Lightyear gloves are so fun and easy to make. You can make them using white dollar store gloves and some felt fabric.

DIY Buzz Lightyear Shoes

Your kids can make their own Buzz shoes using white sneakers and some fabric paint! So easy and fun!

Handmade Buzz Lightyear Paper Craft

This Buzz Lightyear Paper Craft is a fun and easy idea. It’d be perfect for hanging or displaying on the fridge!

DIY Buzz Lightyear Watercolor Art

I love how colorful this buzz lightyear watercolor art is. It is really easy to make and perfect for displaying at home!

DIY Buzz Lightyear Party Invitation

Throwing a Buzz Lightyear or Toy Story party? Make your own Buzz Light Year Party invitations! This video is a step-by-step on how to do it!

Buzz Lightyear Handprint

This Buzz Lightyear Handprint craft couldn’t be any easier to make. You just need black paper, some paint in Buzz’s colors and an adorable little hand.

DIY Buzz Lightyear Mickey Ears

Everyone needs a pair of these adorable Buzz Lightyear Mickey Ears and they are easier to make than you’d think!

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