Kids and parents rejoice!  StoryBots toys are finally coming to the market this fall!

Fisher-Price StoryBots Figurine Pack

Why does it rain?  Why can’t I eat dessert all the time?  The StoryBots are here to help! You can’t help but love Beep, Bing, Bang, Boop, and Bo, as they answer questions, sing songs, and help kids learn, all while living inside our computers.  

Fisher-Price StoryBots A to Z Rockstar Guitar

Until now, the popular Netflix show has only had branded books for purchase, and families have been clamoring for toys and stuffed animals to accompany the series.  Handmade characters have filled in the gap until now.

Fisher-Price StoryBots Songbook

This fall, Fisher Price and StoryBots will premier five toys featuring their characters, including:

  • StoryBots Slide Writer – Moveable letters help your child to spell out words and a magnetic stylus and lined area let them practice writing them.  Slide the lever to erase the writing and create a new word to practice. Approximate retail price is $20.
  • StoryBots Songbook – This interactive book lets the learning continue when the show is over.  Push buttons to interact with songs from the show and learn facts about things like the water cycle, recycling, dinosaurs, space, electricity and more!  Approximate retail price is $15
  • StoryBots A to Z Rockstar Guitar – This child sized guitar plays fun songs from the tv show, along with teaching the letters of the alphabet.  Your little one can carry their own guitar just like a rockstar and play shows for you with the included strap.  Approximate retail price is $25.
Fisher-Price StoryBots Plush Character
  • StoryBots Plush Characters – Each StoryBot plush character plays a song and says phrases from the show when squeezed, perfect for cuddling with when watching the show.  Approximate retail price is $8 per character
  • StoryBots Figurine Pack – Collect Beep, Bing, Bang, Boop, and Bo in one package, featuring all five characters in miniature style.  These figurines are the perfect size for a take-along toy and hours of imagination.  Approximate retail price is $10 for the set.
Fisher-Price StoryBots Slide Writer

The toys are scheduled to release this fall and will likely be a huge Christmas list item for many kids.  Keep watching for release dates and stores to make sure you can order yours!

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