We’re always looking for the best screen-free toys for kids, and this summer, it seems more important than ever.

After ending the school years with screen-based learning, kids need a chance to use their creativity, engage all their senses, and work on fine and gross motor skills more than ever.

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After a couple of months of social distancing, we are definitely ready for a screen break. While we’ve been planning on lots of outdoor summer fun, the heat may still make indoors a real option too. Check out some of the best screen-free toys experts recommend to keep your kids playing all summer long.

The Fisher-Price Little People Take Turns Skyway is a great first raceway for toddlers. The preassembled track stands three feet tall with 3 different tracks for your child to race the included vehicles and send them soaring off the track. There’s also a gas and repair station for imaginative play.

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Don’t underestimate the simplicity of old stand-bys. Play-Doh is a perfect option for creative play at any time. Add cookie cutters, rolling pins, plastic figurines, and create till your heart’s content. It’s even non-toxic for smaller players, or you can make one of our safe edible doughs.

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This two-foot tall Fisher-Price Spinnyos Giant Yo-ller Coaster is perfect for toddlers! Magnets make the spinners move and kids can choose the paths they go, triggering music and other fun sounds.

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Finally, an art project that is really made for kids to do themselves! These Magic Scratch Animal Masks come with 24 black masks that have bright colors underneath. Kids can use the included scratching tools to make colorful designs and doodles on the masks and show their creative selves.

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Magnatiles have been one of our favorite toys for awhile now. These awesome magnetized shapes can be joined together in all sorts of combinations to create 3D buildings, shapes, and more. And, with just a flick of the hand, they collapse back into tiles to be rebuilt again and again.

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Marble runs are a great way to keep older children entertained too and the MindWare Q-BA-Maze Marble Run Building Set is a great set to start with. It includes 82 cubes, 18 straight-away rails, 4 marble catchers, 4 coaster tubes, and 20 steel marbles, so your child can design a variety of tracks to race, including ones with multiple exits. Which way will the marbles end up rolling?

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Books, books, and more books! Experts agree that reading physical books is one of the best things you can do for and with your kids. The Pete the Cat 12-Book Phonics Fun set features everyone’s favorite cat, using long and short vowel sounds to help your beginning readers develop their skills. Choose books you know your kids will love with favorite characters, stories, and more.

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  1. Those marble runs are such a hit with our young ones, they love to create a different run each time and experiment. Certainly keeps the mind from the screens lol!!

    1. Not gonna lie… I’m an adult and find marble runs fun, haha!!! Yes! Cutting down on screen time is a good thing, especially these days!