Amid the massive baby formula shortage, parents are looking for alternatives to keep their baby fed.

While many doctors have deemed homemade baby formula as a dangerous alternative, others have suggested seeking breastmilk donations from breastfeeding moms that may have a steady supply.

The problem is, where do you begin to look for breastmilk donations?

Well, I’ve gathered an entire list of places that parents can safely get breastmilk for their babies and provided it for you below.

Keep in mind, some places actually donate or give away breast milk for free.

Many have financial aid to help you pay for the breastmilk. Others charge a small fee for shipping and supplies used to collect the breastmilk.

Each website also has information on the process they use to collect the breastmilk from breastfeeding moms.

Most of them require moms to have a health screening, blood testing, and require they provide medical information to ensure their breastmilk is safe for donating.

While there may be risks involved, this might be a great option if you are unable to find the baby formula your baby needs.

List of Places Parents Can Get Breastmilk For Their Babies

If you are still uncertain, according to Medela:

Safely buying breast milk is possible. The best way is to go through your doctor and have them refer you to an accredited milk bank. When donor human milk is distributed by milk banks, this is typically referred to as “formal milk sharing”. 

So, when in doubt, talk to your pediatrician for recommendations and other safe alternatives.

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