Over the years, Barbie has released dolls to ensure everyone feels included.


From Day of The Dead Barbie Dolls to Barbie Dolls in a Wheelchair, there is a Barbie that can accurately represent your child and leave them feeling seen and heard.

With that being said, Barbie is once again making kids everywhere feel special because this time around, they’ve released a doll with hearing aids.


The 2022 Fashionista collection will include dolls with the skin condition vitiligo, a doll with a prosthetic leg, and the brand’s first-ever doll with hearing aids.


As you can imagine, parents are so excited about this new line of dolls.

One user commented on the Barbie Instagram saying:

THANK YOU for understanding the importance of representation. My daughter is so excited that there will finally be a Barbie that has hearing aids like her. We have modified so many dolls so they have puff paint hearing aids but it is definitely not the same as being able to see her go into a store to purchase a doll that looks like her. Thank you!!!! ???? – Instagram user _laura_ford_


These dolls are set to be coming to stores in June!

Make your Barbie dreams real!

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