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Do you love dinosaurs? Do your kids love dinosaurs?

If you answered, ‘yes’ to either of those questions (or both) then you need to get ready to pack your bags!!

A Giant Lantern Dinosaur Festival Exists and It Was Made For Dinosaur Lovers!

Become transferred back to a time where roar-some, giant, weird and wonderful creatures roamed our planet. Discover over 570 million years of wildlife on earth, starting from the origins of life appeared as a dazzling array of little microbes, The big five of Africa, Australian Kangaroo, Egyptian camels, the polar bear, Indian tiger and Chinese panda, to a world of dinosaurs.

The event features various threatened species of life on earth to create awareness on the current important climate change topics.

This event looks like an incredible activity for the entire family so if you’re lucky enough to live nearby or want to take a vacation, make sure to get your tickets in advance.

Apparently, this event is super popular and sells out quickly every year!

You can grab tickets to the Dinosaur Lantern Festival here.


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  1. What area is the Dinosaur Lantern Festival? I went to the website and it didn’t have a place where it is. Also I couldn’t buy tickets online. It doesn’t redirect you to purchase them.

  2. Where does the Dinosaur Lantern Festival take place? I’ve looked at the link and googled it, but can never find a definite location.