it’s april, let’s talk santa

Last Christmas was a complete disaster when it came to the whole Santa thing.

Ryan(8):   There is no such thing as Santa Claus.

Rhett(4):   YES THERE IS…followed by screaming, crying and a very loud…MOMMY!   RYAN SAID THERE WAS NO SUCH THING AS SANTA.

Reid(6):   Santa is dead.*

*Read the Santa is dead story here.

It was a huge relief to have the holidays pass.   I felt like I was in for smooth sailing until at least next November with a little blip for the Easter bunny.

*peace and quiet*

Last week we were at the park with friends — approximately 376 boys, well it may have only been 9 boys but it seemed like more. The boys were running along a creek and making weapons and creating wars with invasions across the flat creekbed and getting wet and yelling and doing what 9 little boys do when they are let loose at a park with a creek.

The moms were standing along the sidewalk negotiating peace treaties and in readiness for any necessary emergency creek rescue when I saw Ryan chasing down two other boys yelling…

How does he get alllllll the way around the world in one night?

How does his bottom *giggle* not get burned when he comes down the chimney?

How DOES he fit toys for everyone in that bag?

Great.   My kid is THAT kid…the one that ruins Christmas.

I ran after them and declared the following, “Boys.   It is April.   We are not even going to MENTION the word Santa until fall.”

It really was a stroke of genius.

I have attempted to argue and debate in the past which only gets into deeper and deeper discussion.   It is a lose-lose situation.

Santa seems to be the religion-politics for grade schoolers…it is just better not to breach the subject in social situations.

Later, at home, when we were discussing what makes for good conversation in social situations (yes, I am a regular Miss Manners), Ryan started the Santa debate again.   He is a missionary of there is no Santa.   I reminded him of the NO SANTA MENTION UNTIL FALL to which he added these last words on the subject…

Mom, you won’t say he (Santa) isn’t real because it would make Rhett cry.

Reid piped up and declared that he had a test to find out the truth.

I am going to invite Santa to my birthday party.   If he comes then we will know that he is real and if he doesn’t then we know he isn’t.


So much for the NO SANTA MENTION UNTIL FALL…Reid’s birthday is in June.


  1. Silver lining – you could probably score a Santa suit in June for pennies on the dollar.

  2. I just can’t come up with the win-win answer here.

    1. Santa can’t come to a birthday party in June, honey, he bursts into flames when exposed to direct sunlight.

    2. Aww…Sweetie…that’s so cute, but you’re way too small potatoes for Santa to come to your birthday.

    3. Darling, Santa lives in another dimension between Thanksgiving and New Year’s and is temporarily replaced in *our* world by a giant, talking lizard.

    No, I’m with Ash. Rent a suit.

  3. Not that you don’t know this already but…you lose.

    It’s time to move on to Plan B: Tell Ryan the truth and threaten him to within an inch of his life if he discusses it with his younger siblings.

  4. Ouch. You are in trouble. BTW keep Ryan away from Smallest Weasel. She’s the last believer I have left and I’d hate to abuse a child.

  5. How about Santa sends a gift with a picture of him water-skiing in Australia – he’s taking a long vacation in preparation for the busy season coming up.

  6. After Reese & Ryan have had multiple debates about our family’s finances, I am glad we missed the park that day because I’m sure Reese & Ryan would have had equally heated debates about Santa!!

    As for the bday party, Santa COULD deliver a gift…

  7. Melissa R says:

    Oh gosh, what a GREAT opportunity! You’ve got to find the BEST Santa actor that exists in your area and hire him to come to the party! OMG! I bet a Santa guy would love to get paid to be Santa in June. Don’t look at this as a problem, look at it as an opportunity!!!

  8. What is up?? My son and his friends have been talking about this too! I guess the Easter Bunny stirred up this topic. When I asked my son who brings the presents if Santa and the Easter Bunny aren’t real? He said he hasn’t figured that out yet, but he thinks the Easter Bunny is a guy with springs on his shoes, and a bunny outfit. He then steals the candy from Walmart and Target and sneaks in our house! I think it’s hilarious that a bunch of boys together, still can’t figure out where the toys come from. LOL! They’ve come to the conclusion he’s a thief that felt bad and giving it back to kids. ha!

  9. The Easter Bunny is always the first to fall….. probably because of the giant head bunny freaks they display for photos at the mall.

    I think that makes it natural for a certain age group to start questioning the big guy too.


  10. My mom always told us that if we did not believe in Santa, he did not believe in us. Therefore, once we stopped believing, we got less presents. 🙁

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  12. Doesn’t seem long since last Christmas then the shops start stocking Easter Eggs in February, how time flies. When we moved house recently, our new one didn’t have a chimney like our old home and my 4 year old freaked. “How will Santa get to our tree” was his major concern. It’s OK I told him, because you have been such a good boy, Santa has his own special key for the front door.

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  14. My mum says if you dont believe in Santa you get no gifts ….. I’m 35 and I still believe in Santa (I want my gifts each Christmas) 🙂

  15. Ouch, so glad I have (I Hope) another couple years before the Santa discussion. Since Santa is so busy making toys in the summer, maybe you can get an etsy artist to write him a letter? I got one from Inspired Studio on etsy last Christmas and it was AWESOME. I don’t see any listed now, but she is a doll to work with; I’m sure she would craft one perfectly.

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