No Virginia…?


I neither confirm or deny.   I walk the fence of fantasy ambiguity.   I answer questions with questions and wildly elaborate scenarios. The questions usually only work temporarily.   The elaborate scenarios are used to confuse the questioner and entertain me.

I think the whole Santa issue is fun.   It is the ultimate inside joke.   Kids seem to get that and eventually play along.

Well, that was my theory.

Three Boys in the Snow

Ryan(8) has been questioning Santa, the North Pole, the Christmas eve schedule, and the viability of reindeer as a source of transportation.   But Ryan also questions EVERYTHING.


Not surprisingly, Ryan’s inquisition doesn’t seem to raise doubts in the other boys.   I think they just figure it is just another thing Ryan is asking a lot of questions about.

Rhett(4) has bought into the whole Santa thing.   He loves the story.   Although, he has mentioned that he didn’t understand why I was wrapping presents and putting them under the tree when Santa should be doing that.

I agree.

I always figured that Reid(6) would be my believer.   His thoughts and actions usually have very little to do with reality.   The North Pole seems like just another dream location.

And then this…

Rhett comes SCREAMING and CRYING into the kitchen.


*hysterical talk*

It boiled down to this – Santa died!


After calming, he related that Reid told him that Santa died.




Reid, why did you tell your brother that Santa died?

Mom, his real name is St. Nicholas and he lived like thousands of   years ago…no one lives thousands of years.

And this is where my original plan of answering questions with questions and wildly elaborate scenarios died right along with Santa.


  1. UGH!
    My children are still believers…mostly because we homeschool.
    The oldest will be 11 in February. Yikes! I’m starting to get to the point of telling them myself…I think they might be really mad at me when the time comes 🙁
    We can keep it going for the younger ones…OIY!
    This is getting difficult.

  2. This is bad Holly. Really bad. My kids are going to stay believers until they are at least 13. It is my goal in life. If I have to keep them away from your kids, I will.

  3. You know, I love that Reid. He carries the middle child banner with such pride and honor. I couldn’t have expected more if I’d taught him myself.

  4. I believed until I was like 12…seriously. My two oldest figured it out over the summer. It was a sad day…they are only 9 and 7. 🙁

  5. Oh, I feel for you. It was such a huge part of my childhood. My dad even had a suit and I have pictures on his lap.

    When my husband’s family came to our new house a few years ago, I asked his sister what I could do to help bring Santa to our house for her 3 girls (1, 4, 6). She said they don’t believe and that they don’t bother with it. I.was.heartbroken.for.them.

  6. The bright side to this is that Reid’s a very resourceful and intelligent child. Kudos though, since you’ve managed to answer Rhett quickly. 🙂

  7. I’d guess there’s about a split second between mourning for the loss of their childhood and “if you tell your brothers I’ll kill you.”

    Thanking God we’ve still got two staunch believers here. I’m hoping it’s not the last year but HRH just turned 7.

  8. Sad…and funny… We don’t do Santa, but only because we’ve got a smart kid.

  9. wait… not that other kids aren’t smart. meaning that, AT FOUR, she wouldn’t buy it…

  10. I nipped this in the bud early, when my oldest started questioning at about 6 years old – wildly elaborate scenarios made her suspicious.

    I emulated a co-worker who had mentioned that her husband once announced, “You know that Santa Claus only visits those who believe. If he ever hears that someone doesn’t believe, he never returns.” At the time of this telling, her kids were 15 and 17 – and Santa was still visiting.

    My kids are now ages 27-31, married with kids of their own. And Santa still brings presents for them at Lovey’s house.

  11. Oh no oh no oh no!!!!

    Santa can’t have died because I have a long list for him. For me.

  12. really…. thats like luke saying frosty couldnt come to life b/c he doesnt have a heart..

    veggitales has a great movie out st nicholas.. it explains st nicholas but doesnt destroy santa..

  13. How sad for him…wait and me too. I count on Santa! I can’t shop and there is nowhere in my house to hide any presents!

  14. I wonder if kids ever thought to have some secret organization to find out the truth whether santa exists or not. Hmm. At any rate, what matters is that Santa would never die, no matter how many people disprove his existence- In a nutshell, Santa is Christmas.

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