If you are looking for fall crafts for kids, you don’t need to look any further than your own yard.   Take a look at this creative idea for making Found Object Art.   We’d love for you to come back to Kids Activities Blog and let us know how your child used their found objects to make a beautiful work of art.

fall crafts for kids found object art

Fall Crafts for Kids

During the spring and summer months, my son gathers all kinds of natural treasures and displays them on a plastic table outside in the backyard. We call it his Backyard Nature Center table.  As the weather has changed and the wind has started to blow more fiercely outside , we have decided to look for ways to display some of the treasures he has gathered inside. One way we have displayed his natural treasures in an arrangements for the kitchen table in glass vases and jars. These simple displays will probably change often and will  reflect some of the newest arrivals on our lawn. I selected set of three vases to house our first arrangement. I wanted to spread the wealth a little and explore a new  math word with my son. That word was symmetry. We tried to create symmetry or balance  with a couple of sticks, acorns, leaves, pine needles, and a pine cone. The pine cone refused to cooperate. It kept leaning to the right.  ( I guess we could have glued it in place, but I really want these arrangements to be able to be designed and redesigned. ) We are still called it symmetrical even though it is leaning toward being  asymmetrical.

found object art

Found Object Art

Here are the supplies we started with:
  • pine needles
  • pine cones (whole)
  • pin cones (gnawed on by a squirrel)
  • leaves
  • acorns
  • bark
  • broken sticks
Ways We Can Expand this project Look for branches with leaves, nut beside acorn, larger leaves, and seed pods to add to arrangements Place seeds, nuts, and small acorns in the jars or vases we use. Add water colored in fall foliage colors Add string webs to the pieces of wood or branches You can probably come up with various others ways to create your own natural treasures arrangement. If you would like to create an arrangement at your house, three plastic or glass jars could easily replace the vase arrangement I used for this project.

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There are many great fall crafts for kids.   We love projects like this that let your child’s creativity soar by making found object art.   For more great kids activities, see what some of the Quirky Mommas have been up to:

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  1. Love those glass vases and it turned out so beautiful! Thanks for sharing on The Sunday Showcase this week!