Every parent has those moments when they need some things for kids to do because they are acting crazy.   We all have wondered at some point, what to do with kids!   Kids Activities Blog is pro-play.   It often is good to get kids out of a crazy mood…by encouraging positive crazy activities! Do you have hyper afternoons when you wonder what to do with kids who climb walls? We do! In addition to our collection of “active” activities for three year olds, we also enjoy just plain simple silly play.   Here are just a few of the ways we try to channel the inner tiger.   When the hyper bug strikes your house, maybe some of these activities will help your crazy kids let off some steam and answer the question what to do with kids.

What to do with kids

 Things For Kids to Do

Here are some kid-tested, kid-reported things for kids to do when they are a little crazy {in their own words}:
  • Have a sleeping bag wrestling match – Ezra, age 5.
  • I love to jump on the bed – Anya, age 3.
  • Decorate your own face – markers are the best!   –   (paraphrased) for Noah, 18m.
  • Pretend to be an animal… or pretend Daddy is an animal – Lena, age 6.
  • Talk to a banana (or anything) in silly voices – Jen describing Olivia, age 2.
  • Shake my head all around and make my hair crazy –   Jenny’s daughter.
  • Walk around the house in my mommy’s shoes – Kora, age 2.
  • Play with sticks – Drew, age 5.
  • Have a pillow fight with my friends – Erick, age 5.

silly activity ideas for kids

What to do With Kids

We also asked some other crazy kids what they like to do and found some creative responses when asked what to do with kids:
  • Eat dinner in the bathtub, or in the trunk of your van – Zina’s gals.
  • Stick out my tongue and make funny faces – Sarah’s daughter & Daniel of JDaniel4’sMom
  • Scream as loud as I can and go jump on the trampoline crazy. – Ricky of Kid World Citizen
  • Play hide-n-seek when one person hides, and when you find them you hide with them (aka, “sardines in a can”).
  • Create an indoor obstacle course using couch cushions, pillows, blankets, chairs, etc.
  • Play dodge-ball inside with balled up socks – Nathaniel.

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What things do your kids do, when they need to “burn off steam” and you ask what to do with kids!

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