Often in motherhood, I have found that it is just easier to do it myself.  But I am trying to raise productive citizens who don’t need their mommy to pack their business trip suitcase, so teaching kids the fine art of packing is a good thing.   Kids Packing Suitcases Plus Chance to Win Southwest Airlines airfare I love to fly, but as a mom there are a few details involved in the trip even before the family gets to the airport.  The main one for me is…packing! The problem with allowing kids to pack their own suitcase is that if something important is forgotten, it falls back on me to make it right at our destination. Last year I started this kid-proof vacation packing system. It is a way that my three boys – ages 8 to 13 are responsible for their own suitcases, but have some behind-the-scenes help from me to make sure everything makes it into the suitcase. Related: 10 baby gadgets for your next vacation.

Kids Can Pack their Suitcase!

The boys’ room is upstairs and so my system is to have them each pull out their suitcase into a central location – our upstairs hall. The suitcases are lined up against the hall wall and then I stand and call out each item for packing while they go on a scavenger hunt for the items.  It almost becomes a race between the boys to see who can find them first. kids packing suitcases - Kids Activities Blog I start at their feet and move up so they can visualize what will be called for next:
  • Shoes  – one pair in the case and one set aside to wear
  • Socks –  one pair per vacation day
  • Underwear – two per day with a little extra just in case
  • Pants/Shorts – one per day with an extra
  • Shirts {that match the pants/shorts} – one per day with an extra
  • Jacket and/or Swimming Suit
  • Pajamas – 3 per vacation week
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Comb
The good news is that once you get to your destination, the kids actually know what is in their suitcase and WHERE in the suitcase it might be hiding. This system has worked for me for several years now.  In fact, for recent trips I haven’t had to be in the middle of the hall calling out articles of clothing!  They are able to ask simple things like, “how many nights will we be gone” or “do I really need a toothbrush” —>ALWAYS YES!

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