You Can Get An Inflatable Army Tank That Is Perfect For Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars are a fun way to tire out the kids, get some fresh air and of course, get out some frustration ha!

We have tons of Nerf Blasters and we continually add to our collection every year.

This year, we are working on creating a battlefield of sorts so we can all run and hide behind different barriers then when the time is right, pop out and blast each other with Nerf darts.

So, today when I was searching for a new item for our battlefield, I came across this Inflatable Army Tank and I just knew it was perfect for Nerf Wars!

The inflatable army toy is designed in the shape of a tank and I am sure your kids will love using this Inflatable tank for outdoor nerf games and birthday parties.

The inflatable tank has dimensions of 64”L X 47”H. That is just about 4 feet tall so it’s pretty decent size.

I cannot wait to see the look on my kids’ faces when we get this all set up!

Now, if you want to grab this, you can use our affiliate link below. It supports our site and gives us enough commission to buy us a coffee to get through the day!

You can grab the Inflatable Army Tank For Nerf Wars on Amazon Here for just $34.99.

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