I always wanted a cool treehouse or playhouse as a kid. My brother and I would make forts in our backyard using old blankets over the climbing apparatus, but it wasn’t quite the same thing as an actual playhouse. This DIY treehouse takes treehousing to a new level…

Courtesy of Adam Boyd, Facebook

Dad Built Dream Playhouse

But no playhouse in my dreams could come close to this amazing one that a Michigan dad built for his daughters in their own backyard. It’s two story and almost like having a tiny home of their own, right outside the back door.

Adam Boyd, a dad of two in Highland, Michigan, is also the president of a construction company, and knew just how to make his daughters happy. He used his experience and talent to design and construct the 24-foot tall, two-story backyard playhouse.

2 Story Kids Play House with Slide & Climbing Wall

Lest one assumes that it’s merely a house, this backyard playhouse features a rock wall, slide, swing set, and climbing ropes on the outside, along with upper and lower verandas, and hanging planters. And all that is before walking in the door!

Inside the 2 Story Dream PlayHouse

Inside, Adam added a play kitchenette and matching picnic table, a loft, chalkboard walls, and plenty of space to have friends over to play.

The house has everything a child could dream of!

Adam has also founded a company to build more playhouses for other families, Spoiled Rotten Homes, after the outpouring of support for the playhouse he built his daughters.

Can you imagine having a playhouse like this in your backyard?

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What was your favorite part of this most amazing backyard? Was it the 2 story playhouse?

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