I went to visit my five year old nephew the other day and he was so excited to show me an art project he made.   He told me it was a tape picture.   My sister’s family has a piece of art hanging on their wall made entirely of little pieces of tape and my nephew was trying out the same technique using electrical tape. This was his final result: art with tape My three year old son immediately wanted to make one too, so when we went home, we raided my husband’s tool chest and found red, blue, yellow, green, white, and black electrical tape.   We took out the construction paper and his training scissors and got to work. art with tape supplies Originally, we thought we could just tear the tape, but we quickly realized that it makes the tape white on the edges, gets all stretched out, and loses some of its stickiness.   Older children can most likely cut as they go, but we found that it was taking a bit too long and was a pain to keep stopping and starting.  Therefore, we decided to cut several pieces of tape in varying lengths before we got started.   I held the roll of tape, he made the cuts (short, long, or somewhere in between) and we placed them around the edge of our table. making art with tape Once the tape was prepared, my son selected a piece of construction paper and I reminded him that he could choose any piece of tape and place it anywhere on the paper.   He had a tendency to want to go in order around the table using only one color at a time and liked to stack a lot of the pieces on top of each other. child making tape art When I asked him why, he reminded me about the pop-up book we read together recently and was trying to make his picture a pop-up too.   Who could argue with that! This is a very easy and fun project that yields lovely results.   No paints, no mess, easy clean up, and a beautiful creation! art with electrical tape
Tape is sticky fun!   Here are some more fun projects that use tape:

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  1. The kids I nanny 6 & 4 love tape art. I bought tape at Lakeshore Learning. I gave them each a poser board. The oldest had a blue board and made a snow mobile towing a Chistmas tree the 4 yr old had a black board and is making a sunset. This keeps them busy for a long time.

  2. Love it! my 4 year old twins and 6 year old have been tape made this month. They have now begun using them to make flags. I even caught my 15 yr old daughter using tape to make the legs and arms for paper soccer characters for her brothers. SO keep the tape coming you have years of fun ahead of you 😉

  3. Love the idea—no mess, lots of fun. It’s even a good project for grandmas to do with the grandchildren. Tape can be found in the dollar stores.