The week in a blur

Blog-Stedman got me a fancy new camera for our anniversary.   It is what I have been dreaming of…

Holly taking fabulous pictures just like a REAL photographer with her SLR.   Obviously, until this point it was an issue of equipment.

I read through the camera manual and found that my SLR has some of the same automatic buttons that I used on my previous camera.   Whew!

And then I bought a more in depth book about my camera that came with a DVD.   Oh, goody TV!

I sat down with my camera one evening to watch the DVD.   The first few minutes explained the parts of the camera.   The rest of the DVD explained how you SHOULDN’T use all the automatic buttons.   How could you ever achieve photographic nirvana with that kinda convenience?


So, I have taken a 1000 pictures over the last week experimenting with all the non-automatic settings.

Most of it is a blur.

Literally, a blur.

Even the really cutely composed ones that if they were in better focus or had better lighting they would be AMAZING pictures.

User Error.

Here is a VERY small percentage of my week in pictures…

At first mom behind a new camera was a novelty.

Their tolerance waned QUICKLY.   I found that I was shooting moving targets.

Moving targets with attitude.

Scooter was more accommodating.

But even I don’t need 200 photographs of my cat.

I have also found that things that don’t move are MUCH easier to photograph.

The lovely Texas weather gave me a reason to head outdoors to the natural light.

But it was really cold.


I am not just saying that because I am a Texan.

Back inside the boys had officially had enough.


Oh, OK.

Shhhhhh…..just one more.


  1. *Even Holly doesn’t need 200 pictures of her cat*.


  2. Holly,

    I just found you through Amy’s (Living Locurto) blog. I’m enjoying your blog very much!

    Luckeeee on the camera. I want one really badly, but I”m afraid I’ll be all paralyzed and just use it like I do my point and shoot, so I haven’t made the leap yet. Enjoy yours!


  3. HA HA HA!!!!

    YAY for the camera! What did you get???
    I can’t wait to see all the awesomeness you come up with and HOLY COW all that ice!

    Not nearly like that here 😉 We don’t even HAVE ICE here 😉

  4. Crap .. just checked my Flickr account, there are 260 pictures of my cats. Does it make it better if that’s only 1.16% of the total LOL!?!

  5. Lucky you! I want a super camera, too. But I need one that practically takes the pics for me. Yeah. I’m THAT bad. Really. I bought myself a decent digital (Fuji Finepix) a few years ago and I’m STILL trying to take a decent pic with it. *sigh*
    If you haven’t looked at Pioneer Woman’s photography tutorial, you should go take a peek. She puts it all in very understandable language and it almost makes sense for even me! 😉

  6. Have fun with it! That last one is precious, and the ones outdoors are lovely. It does open up a whole new world.

  7. I still have an old fashioned film camera, a phd camera, as my sister calls it. Push here dummy, aka auto focus, flash etc. My oldest two girls have a nice Canon Rebel film camera, as they both took or are taking photography in high school.

    My oldest has a cheap fuji digital camera, which works fine for her and is no great loss if it gets lost or broken by a younger sibling.

  8. They were still very nice pictures. Oh yeah, and your cat is kinda cool smiling for his shot right there. Kudos.

  9. I actually have a decent camera, so there is no need to run out and get another. I am far from pro status!

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